Dean Message

Prof. Aysar Sussan

Welcome to the College of Administrative and Financial Sciences. I am proud to be the Dean of the College at this institution. We have outstanding business faculty members, most of them obtained their degree from (AACSB) accreditate institutions who are highly respected in their fields with national and international recognition.

Recently, the business environment has witnessed many challenges in technology, competitiveness, government regulations, diversity, and globalization. Therefore, business schools must face these challenges and be proactive in order to respond to the changes. My goal is to ensure that our business students become innovative thinkers, hold appropriate skills, and are confidents and willing to lead effectively in today’s global environment.

Today, the college is strong and continuing to grow in all its directions, and offers a wide range of undergraduate programs such as, Accounting, Business Management, Finance and Economics, Human Resource Management, Management Information Systems / Health Care Management, and Marketing.

The college of Graduate Studies campus in Ramallah has state of the art facilities and offers a variety of MBA and MS programs, which are highly rewarding and stimulating. Our MBA program is a joint collaboration with Indiana University of Pennsylvania (U.S.A) and our students receive their MBA diploma from Indiana University (AACSB) accredited Institution.

Under my leadership, we seek to build world-class reputation to our students and faculty members in a dynamic and innovative area that reflects organizational needs both locally and globally. We are in the process to joint collaboratively with an American University (AACSB) to lunch the DBA doctoral program and we are confident that our professional programs will provide our students with the knowledge, skills, and competencies for the 21stcentury.

The program goal is to enable our stakeholders to explore classroom instruction and real-world experiences through partnership. In addition, our programs both at the undergraduate and graduate level designed to enable our students to excel in their careers as managers and leaders.

Please come and join the College of Administrative and Financial Sciences community and I look forward to meeting you.


Dr. Aysar Sussan, Professor

Dean of Administrative and Financial Sciences Faculty