Pre-Medical Program

Pre-Medical Program with University of Jordan and Arab American University

Pledge and Commitment




As part of, Memorandum of Understanding signed between Arab American University and University of Jordan and the University of Jordan pledge to accept about 30 students nominated by the Arab American University (Article 2 of the MoU). As part of the approved curriculum to get Doctor Degree in Human Medicine through the Pre-Medical program on Arab American University campus- Jenin, for three semesters student have to meet the program’s conditions. Here are some details on academic things, credit hours fees in each of the two universities:

  1. Students nominated by Arab American University in their second year level at the Faculty of Medicine at University of Jordan, get accepted after spending an academic year at AAU
  2. Hold high school certificate (scientific stream) or its equivalent with at least 85% average
  3. Once the second year student enrolled in the Faculty of Medicine at University of Jordan the "International Program" systems and instructions are applied upon him/her, the fees equal $500 / credit hour.
  4. Tuition fees for first year students at Arab American University in 125 JD per credit hour.
  5. University of Jordan will gave students in enrolled this program certificate of Doctor in Human Medicine
  6. Students Tuition fees:


Studying at Arab American University Studying at University of Jordan

44 credit hours x 125 JDs per hour= 5500 JDs / Freshman

Registering fees, university card, health insurance and other fees = 170 JDs / Freshman

Total: 5670 JD


First Semester = 2500 JD

Second Semester = 2500 JD

Summer Semester = 670 JD

212 credit hours x 500$ per hour= 106,000$ / 5 years

In addition the following fees:

  1. Refundable Insurance (payed all at once) = 300$
  2. Onetime payment for the whole study period = 480$
  3. Semester Registration fees = 380$