Visiting Student

Visiting international students can apply during or off the official period of admission. First, check out our website and view available programs. Academic plans are listed in each department's webpage.

Visiting students need to review the courses and contact the head of the concerned department in order to see what courses will be offered on target semester. You may need to consult your advisor about equivalency and accreditation at your current university.

Once you have made up your mind then the next thing to do is to pay the application fees (the equivalent of NIS 200). You can make a traditional money transfer using the following information:

Account holder: Arab American University
Account number: 565104
Bank references: Arab Bank
Branch: Jenin
Branch # 49/85446
Country: Palestine
City: Jenin
SWIFT code: Arabps22060
IBAN : NIS : Ps84 arab0000 0000 9060 5651 0457 0 
Dollar : Ps55 arab0000 0000 9060 5651 0451 0 
J.D : Ps34 arab0000 0000 9060 5651 0450 0 
Communication: Admission Application Fees - Visiting Student


When the money transfer is complete please scan the receipt and send it to us via email on ( Please retain the original. Depending on the time of application, we will either send you the application form (in PDF format) or login info (Admission Card details).

If you receive the application form through email then please fill it out, print it off, sign, scan and bundle with a copy of a No-Objection Letter from your current university and send it back to us on the above email address. If you rather receive Admission Card information (if you'd like to join us during regular admission period) then visit the online admission application at ( and use the card information to open and fill out the online application form. You can upload the required documents during the online application process.

Once your application is received it will be processed pretty quickly and if all information is complete then we shall send you the Official Admission Letter (Visiting) through snail mail on your designated address. A copy of the letter will also be sent to your email as-well-as any other email address(es) you may specify. When you arrive, you are kindly required to submit the original documents at the Office of Admission. Other formalities related to dormitory (female students only) and payment of tuition fees will also be started.


The procedure for international applicants as regular students goes in line with the above directions except that they should apply only during the call for admission applications. They will only receive Admission Card information rather than PDF application form.

Thank for your interest in studying at our university and we are looking forward to welcoming you.