Alumni Events

Events 2017

Jul 2017

Jul 16

Alumni Affairs Department invites you to register in a specialized training with the German trainer Mascha Wendler. The training titled “Design Thinking”, it will cover various topics that will enrich graduate’s personality and bring him / her closer to labor market.

- The training will be in English

- The training will be counted in lieu of 50 community service hours

- Registration is open for both students and graduates

- Commitment to all training sessions is essential

Jul 02

Free training by the Alumni Affairs department for the upcoming graduates to enhance their experience and career skills. The training covers important issues for graduates like job searching, managing stress and pressure, writing cv and interview skills.


May 2017

May 21

Training program for the upcoming graduates to prepare them to join the labor market, this program is in cooperation with INJAZ Palestine Foundation.
Registration is open to all university students, and it will be counted as community service hours for students at both Faculties of Administrative and Financial Sciences and Engineering and IT 


For registration, please fill the attached form:

May 14

The discussion moderator to be Lecturer at Arabic Language and Media Department Mr. Said Abu Mala

Apr 2017

Apr 29

The Alumni Affairs Department/ Deanship of Student Affairs and the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology are proud to invite you to participate in the introductory lecture organized by Al Nayzak on its program “Made in Palestine”.

Apr 16

Two free courses offered by Graduate Affairs Department to our upcoming graduates in cooperation with INJAZ Palestine Organization

The trainings fixes major issues for upcoming graduates to help them searching for their careers

Succeed in my career, with trainer Osama Al-Sadi on 16, 18, 23, 25/4/2017 from 1 until 3 pm.

Be a leader, with trainer Fadi Soukieh on 17, 19, 24, 26/4/2017 from 1 until 3pm.

To apply and participate:

Mar 2017

Mar 26

Upcoming graduates from Facilities of Administrative and Financial Sciences, Engineering and Information Technology are invited to participate in this training (4 training sessions) which will be considered part of community service and core requisite for graduation.

Note: You can’t miss any session of the training

To register please fill the form, Click here


Feb 2017

Feb 14

Free training for the upcoming grads

Call for upcoming graduates ((This year’s First and Second semester grads)) from all specializations should quickly register for the free training provided by Alumni Affairs Department in cooperation with Education for Employment Palestinian Organization.

Note, training is graduation requirement for Faculties of Administrative Sciences, Engineering and Information Technology, it will be count as part of community service needed to graduate.

*It’s not allowed to miss any meeting

Jan 2017

Jan 19

There introductory workshop about project "Hackathon" with Leaders Organization along with participation of entrepreneurs students from Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology and Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences in order to support and assist young Palestinian entrepreneurs men and women to turn their ideas into successful business in addition to training and equipping counselors and mentors in entrepreneurship field.