Arab American Arranges Training Workshop “Design Thinking” to Drive its Students to Creative Thinking

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Have you thought how to achieve your goals? If the answer is No, you have to think carefully about your future plans, focus on your strength points and overcome the weaknesses to accomplish your aims. If the answer is Yes, you have creative thinking, Congratulations!

Those were the germen training words Masha Valender during the “Design Thinking” training, organized by the Alumni Affairs Department at Deanship of Student Affairs in partnership with Partners for Sustainable Development organization. She and students outlined how to achieve their dreams and goals, overcome problems they may encounter during university or after graduating and joining labor market.

Valender managed to come out with a range of ideas to extend students understanding and draws their attention to new horizons using her colors and practical method based on collective and creative thinking.

“I realized the importance of working as a group specially in planning stage for particular order and project, I gained the experience to pinpoint the problems I faced and how to overcome them” said Sireen Hamdan, participants.

Maram Jarrar expressed her interest in the course which discussed a new and innovative topic and helped her to think rationally and creatively.

Head of Alumni Affairs Department Bilal Al-Ashqar welcomed such courses that enriches students' information and lead them to think in different directions, through which they are capable of analysis and logical planning.

The German trainer Masha Valender, concluded the “design thinking” course after each group of students was able to lay out main lines for new innovative projects that put problems aside and focus on their creative bright aspects.