Arab American University Arranges Workshop, "Job Searching Skills"

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Alumni Affairs Department, Deanship of Students Affairs arranged a training workshop titled “Job Searching Skills”, presented by the trainers Said Abu M’ala, Fadi Jumaa, Bilal Al-Ashaqar and Fadi Souqieh.

45 trainees joined the workshop that included crucial topics to meet the labor market needs after graduation most important; preparing a resume, the art of presenting their projects and ideas and how to make up their minds on their real goals that leads to uneiqness and “go against the flow”.

Head of Alumni Affairs Department Bilal Al-Ashqar welcomed such training courses that contributes to expand students' perceptions and diversify their skills to compete in labor market as there is large numbers of graduates.

Students expressed their satisfaction with the discussed topics as they widened their thinking horizons making them think of specific goals in their professional lives, enable them to learn new skills that help in the next steps, overcome their weaknesses and focus on their strengths.

The workshop had an active participation from the students through dialogue and presenting their views, as well as create fun atmosphere with a series of constructive games that can enhance their skills in working as a team.