Arab American University Hosts a Lecture "Engage Youth in Decision-Making through Social Media"

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Social Media can’t make a change, we can and we can create our own chance

Social media expert Dr. Suhail Dahdal started his lecture with these words, a lecture organized by AAUJ Alumni Affairs Department in cooperation with Sharek Youth Forum. Titled “Engage Youth in Decision-Making through Social Media”, dozens of university students attended.

The event began with a welcome from Dr. Fadi Jumaa, Arab American University Lecturer. Stressing, on the importance of benefiting from expertise and present it to our students to enrich what they’re taught and allow them to present their views or directly discuss with the distinctively experienced guests.

Dr. Suhail Dahdal stressed on the need to engage youths in decision-making process, bring their ideas to light, develop them and refine them instead of only limiting their role in pressuring to change misconceptions. Dahdal, attributed the reasons why he has payed attention to social media due to its sensitivity as it able individuals to change for the best, at the same time it can be dangerous to user and society as a whole if misused.

As for Bader Zama’reh CEO of Sharek Youth Forum, he pointed to social media importance in youth’s lives. Stressing, it’s significant to take advantage of these tools to develop our potentials, influence our society and highlight many issues affecting community.

“Today, we rely heavily on social media, and it was important for us to highlight its uses and how can we as young university students to influence through”, said Yasmina Abu Al-Rob, one of the participating students.


From the lecture