Arab American University Organizes Training Workshop Titled “Job Searching Skills”, in cooperation with Khotwa Association

Saturday, August 19, 2017

“My participation in this training was not an ordinary, it added a lot of information and reflected positively on my personality in terms by developing my ability in planning, communication skills and how to prepare CV”, the student Suhair Sulaiman expressed her experience in the training “Job Searching Skills”, organized by the Department of Alumni Affairs in cooperation with the Community Development Association.

Trainers; Hazem Abu Hilal, Abdul Moneim Lahloh, Wafa Al-Sherif and Majd Hithnawi, presented a range of various topics that aimed to enhance students' abilities and prepare them to join the labor market. Starting with focusing on communication skills, listening techniques, prior planning and organization based on our priorities to achieve goals. To finalize with how to prepare a curriculum vitae and good preparation for an interview to succeed in.

Head of Alumni Affairs Department Bilal Al-Ashqar, praised these exercises quality and role in honing the students' skills, develop their personalities and make them able to research and decide their own goals as they’re about to enter the labor market and face life.

The four-day training course involved active participation of students, engaging in constructive dialogue and asking their different questions and opinions.