Mahmoud Abu Ta’a

Mahmoud Abu Ta’a

Mahmoud Faisal Yousef Abu-Ta’a

Dr. Mahmoud Abu-Ta’a is working as an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Dentistry, Arab American University-Jenin (AAUJ) teaching periodontology for undergraduate students and oral implantology for graduate students.

He graduated with a BDS degree from the Faculty of Dentistry, AAUJ in 2005.In 2005, he was granted a full scholarship from the BTC to pursue his postgraduate studies in Belgium. In 2008, he finished his residency in periodontology and received his Master’s degree and postgraduate specialization certificate in periodontology from the department of periodontology, Faculty of Dentistry, the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium (one of the top 10 faculties of dentistry worldwide).

In the same year, after passing all required examinations he received his European Federation of Periodontology (EFP) Board certificate. During his residency training, he received the EFP 1st graduate research prize for his studies that examined the relation between antibiotics and periodontal surgery involving oral implants.

In 2009, he served as the head of the oral surgery & periodontology department at the Faculty of Dentistry of AAUJ. In 2010-2012, he was the faculty’s representative for the Scientific Research Committee of AAUJ. He published several clinical research papers in international dental journals with high impact factors and participated in several international conferences as a speaker. As well, he serves as an Editorial Board member for some international dental and medical journals. Furthermore, he is the winner of AAUJ research funding projects for 2013 & 2017.

Currently, he serves as the Head of the Scientific Committee of the Palestinian Association of Dental Implantology and the vice-president of the Palestinian Periodontists’ Group.

Besides his academic work, he holds a private practice limited to periodontology and dental implantology in East Jerusalem and works as a periodontist consultant for several dental centers.