AAU Masters Students Visits the Agricultural Industrial Zone in Jericho

Monday, April 17, 2017

 Students of “Conflict, Peace and Development” course at Arab American University Conflict Resolution and Development program made a scientific visit to the Agricultural Industrial Zone in Jericho city to identify its work mechanism and its role in supporting Palestinian economy.

AAU Master Students

The visit was supervised by the course professor Dr. Dalal Erekat accompanied by Professor of Graduate Studies Dr. Ayman Yousef. The visit entitled “Development under Occupation”.

 The project manager Eng. Hatem Youssef and his deputy Ali Erekat welcomed the university delegation, they presented the agricultural industrial zone in Jericho and gave a full explanation on the development company, its vision and its strategic objectives to build, develop and achieve economic independence.

 Department of Agricultural Industrial Zone in Jericho agreed to adopt partnership program with the university to encourage research and projects aimed to study these projects in feasibility building economic independence on one hand and provide opportunities for students and researchers to focus on economic security projects in Palestine and their role in resolving the conflict on the other hand.

The visit concluded with a field tour to the agricultural industrial area factories where students and teachers were briefed on working mechanism, how to integrate these projects into a national plan to strengthening the national economy and open new markets for Palestinian labor force.

From the visit
Inside one of the factories