AAUJ Faculty of Nursing Holds Workshop for Field Trainers at Palestinian Hospitals

Saturday, October 7, 2017

The Arab American University Faculty of Nursing held a workshop to train field trainers for nursing students. Introducing them to what’s new in practical training mechanisms and models, explain the newest rules in training and evaluate last year’s students. The workshop attended by trainers from several public and private Palestinian hospitals.

Part of the workshop

The workshop was moderated by faculty member, field training responsible, Mr. Farid Abu Leil. VP for Training Affairs Dr. Nizam Diab started the workshop with a welcoming speech, addressing the university president Prof. Dr. Ali Zeidan Abu Zuhri greetings, and praising the efforts of trainers and supervisors at the university partner hospitals for nursing students’ practical training. He stressed on the university’s great interest in practical training, knowing that it is no less important than theoretical education, so it’s striving to conclude partnership agreements with many institutions, hospitals and companies to qualify students.

In his speech, Dean of the Faculty of Nursing Prof. Dr. Mohammed Asia said “Nursing is a great humanitarian career always needs distinguished individuals, whether students or trainers, supervisors or faculty members. Adding, it’s an integrated process each plays an important complementary role to achieve the ultimate goal, alleviate patients suffering and service humanity. Today, our meeting is renewed with distinguished group of trainers and trainers in Palestinian hospitals, governmental and private, whom entrusted with the task of training nursing students at university to discuss everything new in mechanisms and models of scientific training, talk about new training laws to achieve qualitative training, evaluating the last academic year, and number of specialized nursing lectures”.

Representative of the Palestinian Ministry of Health Mr. Ayman Inayih, spoke about the Ministry efforts in field training for university students. He stressed that the Arab American University is a distinguished partner. We seek constant coordination with them to provide trainers who are highly qualified to train nursing students. The Arab American University is an important partner in training the Ministry of Health professional staff in nursing and holding specialized training courses for them.

During the workshop, distinguished trainers for their great efforts with students during last academic year.

The workshop had a lecture by Prof. Dr. Mohamed Asia talking about blood diseases and practical training modules that were updated, Dr. Hisham Qasrawi presented a lecture about the new international quality standards in hospitals and Dr. Imad Khadir gave a lecture on practical training objectives in general and everything new in training rules

Part of the workshop
Part of the workshop