Arab American University and Friedrich Schiller University, Germany Signs Academic and Research Cooperation Agreement

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Arab American University and Jena Center for Reconciliation Studies, Friedrich Schiller University in Germany, signed a Cooperation Agreement to exchange academic experiences and faculty members, arrange educational trips for students, make joint research projects, organize conventions and benefit from both the academic and cultural programs.

Signing the agreement between the university and Friedrich Schiller University in Germany

The agreement was signed by Arab American Universality President Prof. Dr. Ali Zidan Abu Zuhri and Director of the German Jena Center for Reconciliation Dr. Martin Lener, representing Frederick Schiller University President Prof. Dr. Walter Rosenthal, in presence of Director of the University Center for Policy Studies and Conflict Resolution Dr. Dalal Ireqat, AAUJ Political Sciences lecturers Dr. Ayman Yousef and Dr. Eyad Yaqoub, University Ramallah campus Director Mr. Mohammed Saba'neh and PR Manager Mr. Fathi Amor.

During the agreement signing, Arab American University President Prof. Dr. Abu Zuhri stressed on the signed agreement importance between the universities. Pointing, it comes as part of the Arab American University philosophy to enhance communication with international universities and benefit from them to serve university students, faculty members, and mechanisms of academic development in both undergraduate and master programs.

“The agreement will be a step forward to open the academic and research cooperation horizons with the Arab American University in Palestine. We felt the university determination and found scientific competencies capable of achieving outstanding cooperation between the Jena Center for Peace Studies and the Arab American Center for Conflict Resolution”, said the Director of the German Jena Center Dr. Martin Lener.

“Arab American University recently celebrated establishing the Center for Policy Studies and Conflict Resolution, first of its kind in Palestine. It will help enriching scientific research in conflict resolution field and studying the occupation impact on the Palestinian issue, which will reflect positively on postgraduate students, researchers and strengthen international relations with counterpart centers for international studies. Adding, the Center will provide Palestinian decision-makers with publications and papers related to the political situation from a research and academic point of view. It will be gathering place for specialist researchers and think tanks from all over the world”, said Dr. Dalal Ireqat.