Arab American University Celebrates 14th Commencement

Friday, July 14, 2017

Arab American University commenced the graduation ceremony of the 14th cohort of its students. Under the patronage of the President of the State of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas “Abu Mazen”, who took part in a majestic ceremony for the faculties of postgraduate studies, dentistry, engineering and information technology, nursing sciences, Science, Administrative and Financial Sciences

14th cohort graduation ceremony

Representative of the President of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas Head of AAUJ Board of Trustees Dr. Mohammasd Shtayeh, Minister of Higher Education Dr. Sabri Saidsam, Chairman of University Directors Board Dr. Yousef Asfour, Jenin Governor Ibrahim Ramadan, University President Prof. Dr. Ali Zeidan Abu Zuhri, university founder president and directors board councilor Dr. Waleed Deeb, AAUJ former presidents, Dr. Munzir Salah, Dr. Adli Saleh, Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Abu Moies, Vice Chairman of the University Administrative Board Eng. Abdul Halim Moahed and board members, Mr. Osaid Asfour, Mr. Baha Asfour, Mrs. Sabah Asfour, Mr. Ghaleb Hafi, Mr. Bassam Dablah, Directors Board Legal Advisor Mr. Salah Jawda, Board of Trustees VP Deputy Dr. Salem Abu Khezran, Board of Trustees members, Minister of Local Government Dr. Hussein Al-Araj, Dr. Farida Irsheed, Ramallah and Al-Bireh Governor Dr. Laila Ghannam, Mr. Walid Al-Afifi, Ms. Hania Bitar, Mr. Issa Abu Sharar, Dr. Ryad Ghbaryeh, Deputies Jamal Houel and Jamal Abu Al-Rob, National Bank Director Mr. Ahmed Ragheb, Ministry of Higher Education Undersecretary Dr. Basri Saleh, Head of Accreditation and Quality Authority Dr. Mohammed Al-Sobo, Palestinian Mufti Sheikh Mohammed Saleh Said, Legislative and Revolutionary Council members, University President Assistants and deputies, security services leaders, official and public institutions representatives, faculties deans, faculty members, and large crowd of graduates families, all attended the ceremony.

The ceremony was presented by Bilal Al-Ashqar, it started with the graduation march, faculty members and the procession of the ceremony, amid the mothers’ songs and families joy, followed by performing the national anthem and praying on the martyrs souls.

University President Speech

University President Prof. Dr. Ali Zidan Abu Zuhri, started his speech by conveying greetings to the President of the State of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas. “I am pleased to stand before you today, speaking about Arab American University 14th cohort graduating ceremony. And to establish an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital. As we commemorate this graduation ceremony, we recall the sacrifices of our people, preaching the martyrs, wounded and prisoners, who have flared our way. May our martyrs’ souls rest in peace, heal our wounded ones and the freedom for our brave prisoners”, he said.

He mentioned the university achievements in 2016/2017 academic year and said “The Arab American University as promised has maintained an excellence, building and giving process, with the Board of Directors and Trustees continuous support and guidance, and its academic and administrative staff and students efforts. It has distinguish achievements during 2017, both academically and administratively”. He added “During April under the patronage of President Mahmoud Abbas, the University inaugurated a new campus in Al-Reihan neighborhood, Ramallah to provide a range of distinguish and pioneer disciplines for postgraduate students”.

On academic maters Prof. Dr. Abu Zuhri said “The University Master in Laboratory Medical Sciences as well as Bachelor Program in Computer Networks with Information Security minor got accredited. Currently working on the accreditation of Masters in Contemporary Public Relations and the Health in Formatics. They also signed MoU with Al-Zaytoonah University, Jordan to cooperate in scientific research and the possibility of offering joint master program in Emergency Nursing”.

In terms of scientific research, he pointed that 2017 was distinctive year. “Faculty members published around 200 scientific research in various disciplines in a prestigious scientific journals. One of the university researchers Dr. Atef Qasrawi was named one of the World’s Top Researchers, according to a scientific research portal that monitors scientific researches of 11 million scientists and researcher worldwide”, he said.

Prof. Dr. Abu Zuhri added the university started to change the traditional paper testing systems for public courses into electronic system. Thus we built the computer laboratory fully equipped with the newest technologies, the one and only in Palestinian Universities.

As for local, Arab and international cooperation, Dr. Abu Zuhri said “The University signed a number of agreements and MoUs with several international universities for research exchange and professors and students visits. These universities include Jordanian German University, Ataturk University, Badir University-Cairo and recently signed MoU with the US University of Michigan for cooperation and partnership in launching master in Sports Management and establishing a sports sciences research center in partnership with the Nazareth Association for Culture and Tourism”. He added “Faculties Advisory Boards were established they included labor market representatives, consultants, private sector experts and those related to scientific disciplines. Meetings were held with faculty members to evaluate and develop faculties programs and develop courses content in order to meet the market’s needed qualifications in graduates. Recommendations came out to develop and update study plans in a number of majors”.

He continued “As for buildings, we finished this gymnasium, the biggest in Palestine, all of its equipment’s are ready and it will be opened within a month from now. On the meantime Media department TV and Radio studio is under construction along with chemistry and biology labs. Lecture halls are equipped with modern teaching equipment to provide everything needed for our students at the highest standards”.

Prof. Dr. Abu Zuhdi said “Thu university literally works by the logic “University serves the society”, it interacts positively local community requirements needed for continues education courses, hosting civil society organizations social activities and provide means of success. Also the University will open its playgrounds and sports facilities for all Jenin City clubs matches and surrounding villages participating in Palestinian football league”. He continued “Since the university is located in a development area that lacks some services, an agreement has been signed with the Palestine Red Crescent Society to provide ambulance services on campus to serve university students and employees and the local community. In this regard, we appreciate the Ministry of Local Government role to organize the university surrounding area and provide necessary services for it, the area become a new city to add to the province of Jenin cities, it includes around 11,000 citizens”.

He added “Those achievements weren’t going to happen without the support of Patriotic Palestinian Businessmen who wants to use their money to develop their country, they are the university Board of Directors. As an administration, employees and students highly appreciate the Directors Board quick response, represented by His Excellency Dr. Yousef Asfour, Board Chairman, his Deputy Eng. Abdul Halim Muahid and their colleagues the Board members, to approve the University administration proposals to develop the facilities and laboratories”.

Prof. Dr. Abu Zuhri proceeded “On the other hand, Arab American University became an academic and urban landmark and patriotic symbol of the Palestinian unity. We have students from all over Palestine who study, play and live together and this an accomplishment on its own. This is the historical Palestine re-arise, and this is what distinguishes this university. Everyone is satisfied, government sector or civil society are demanded to preserve and protect this unprecedented national achievement in Jenin, support and overcome the university academic obstacles”.

He told the graduates “Your achieved successes will prepare you to handle your duties and positions in life’s various areas. We will always continue our excellence and giving. Congratulation to you and your families on this achievement and hope you will be the best ambassadors for your country and university”.

Jenin Governor Speech

In his word Jenin’s Governor Major Ibrahim Ramadan thanked all the university staffs especially the Chairman of its Board of Directors Dr. Yousef Asfour “Abu Osaid” for his unique role in improving this facility. Saying “The national responsibility requires us to change our situation for the better through science and to create new victory proud of it, despite the occupation and its unfair practices towards our people especially murdering children”. He told the graduates “One of you will lead us to a better situation than this. You will create us new history to cherish”.

University Board of Directors Speech

Chairman of the university Board of Directors Dr. Yousef Asfour started his speech with words of the late Edward Said “I am from there … I am from here … Two names meet and get separated ... I have two languages I forgot which I dreamed with”. He continued “Our thinker is Edward Said and the question is who of us can visit every city and village in Palestine”.

“The Arab American University has visited every city and village in Palestine. You as students and graduates have brought it with your knowledge and culture to your cities and villages. This is your university. These are your cities”. Then he counted 138 Palestinian village, camp and city in the 48 territories and West Bank, inhabited by the university’s fourth group of graduates.

“Salute to all mothers who stayed the nights up, guided, prayed and provided all means of success, and best wishes to fathers who always dreamed of their children’s future”. He added “Greetings for University academics, President and all its administration members. Thanks to both Board of Trustees and Directors for their guidance and follow-up and former university presidents who helped us reach this excellence”.

Dr. Asfour congratulated Tawjihi graduates’ and their families. Concluding, “We wish the freedom for our prisoners, peace for our martyrs, healing for our wounded and success for our president. We love Jenin and we love Arab American University, long live Palestine and its People”.

Minister of Higher Education Speech

Minister of Higher Education Dr. Sabri Saidam praised the Arab American University role. Pointing, its founder founded the map of the homeland to linger before you on every city, camp and village, including the destruction of the occupation. We are here to build monuments for the flag

He mentioned Jenin’s governorate continuous achievements, saying “This governorate honored us three times within two days. Yesterday, Jenin camp declared two heroes on the altar of freedom. Also it presented the nation's top high school graduates. Today, we are honored with the university graduation ceremony”.

Representative of the President of Palestine Speech

In the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas speech, his representative Head of Arab American University Board of Trustees Dr. Mohammad Shtayeh said “Congratulation my dear children and to your families. I convey President Mahmoud Abbas greetings which I’m honored to speaking on his behalf. Also congratulation to our children who got their high school results yesterday, we’re proud of you, your success and ambitions”.

He added “I would like to speak to you as Chairman of Board of Trustees and on behalf of my fellow members of the Board. I thank the Board of Directors, University President and employees for their continuous efforts for the University's progress”.

Dr. Shtayeh proceeded “Despite the University new and different experience as Palestine’s first private university, it has introduced new disciplines to meet society’s needs and became an important university locally and regionally, with academic partnerships with International Universities”. He added “Palestine needs its children to build it. Construction needs creators, critics and educational system to learn the skills to accomplish what they wants. Our universities have developed their educational systems to compete with the region’s most important universities. Today, our university graduates works at important international companies, media institutions and research centers. Palestinians are creative despite their suffering, the walls and lack of opportunities”.

He explained “The Palestinian situation is tough, Gaza, Jerusalem and West Bank are sieged. We suffer from what happens in Gaza and the division heavy burden for the last 10 years. In order to get rid of this suffering and siege, the leadership presented Hamas three points to response to: dissolve shadow government, form national unity government with Hamas as part and run legislative and presidential elections”. “We are ready for reconciliation tomorrow if the points were approved, but we haven’t get any response so far. Abu Mazen is closer than Tehran, Europe and regional alliances. Why do we ask for others help while we’re ready to reconciliation?” he added.

Dr. Shtayeh continued “A new year comes filled with crises and wars that affects our Palestinian cause negatively. Even that the Arab area shredded now, but our case still a top priority regionally and internationally. We want a peaceful solution for the Gulf crises, political one for Syria situation and we want everyone to be with Palestine”. He added “We want a peaceful solution to the region crises, enough killing in Iraq, Syria and Yemen. What we are witnessing is painful to all Palestinian because we know asylum, injustice and murders. In this era of Arab degeneration we see Israel the biggest beneficiary, expanding their colonization plans in Palestine and control the Arab world”.

“Reasonable thinking and human development will stop this Arab blood bath. Rich Gulf countries must step in, develop poor Arab countries and make political and social reforms. This is the real solution to the areas dilemmas not wasting billions of dollars on weapons and wars” he proceeded.

On politics, Dr. Shtayeh mentioned “We know that the American administration is trying to solve the Palestinian issue. President Trump talks about the big deal, but Israel, as usual, is working to confuse any political course by intensifying settlements, continuing Judaization of Jerusalem, filling prisons with prisoners and killing our sons. Only yesterday we lost two young souls Aws Salama and Saad Salah from Jenin Camp” he said. Adding that “The test of the American effort towards peace is its ability to compel Netanyahu to stop settlements, work to end the occupation and establishing Palestinian state, while diving in details is a waste of time”.

 He told the graduates “Palestinian reality is not easy. The road ahead is not paved with silk. There are many economic challenges unemployment and poverty rates are high and employment opportunities are limited, but hope and hard work to achieve your ambitions, innovation and creativity will motivate you after university to start a better life for you and your families. Palestinian youth are our national asset for a better future”. Adding “You are our guarantee to preserve Palestine identity and our inherited heritage. That’s why we helped improving universities infrastructure. The national private sector invested not only in soap factories, oil and marble industry, but also in manufacturing conscious, educated and patriotic human, and this university is a model for education investment”.

Dr. Shtayeh asked the students to be loving, creative thinker, work positively and fight all community negativities. The negative and ignorance people are sound thinking enemies, Imam Al-Shaafa'i said “Whenever I debated an ignorant he defeated me and whenever I debated a knowledgeable person I won”. Summing up saying “You are the mighty people. You are this country’s pillars. I am glad to see this thrill in the eyes of your parents. Congratulation and Godspeed”.

Alumni’s Speech

In the alumni speech student Anstansia Qarwani said “It is a great pleasure to stand at this honorable ceremony by the Arab American University, my university, which I am proud to be its student and graduate. I still remember my first days in its corridors. As I found here a space for my ambition, I found my hopes and the urge to continue and move forward.” She added “As the years passed, I met in this distinguished university many people who only look like themselves. They gave me hope and frankly I wouldn’t meet this diverse mix anywhere else. As time passed I knew what distinguishes my university, in addition to its academic distinct, its environment that embraces different Palestinian students. Diversity is what you will find in life and work, it reflects the reality in which you will live”.

She proceeded “This University have united the divided Palestinians by the occupation and who have found a way to achieve their dreams and ambitions. This university has a great national role. It contributed in shaping me not only in knowledge, but also in terms of identity because it helped redefine our relationship with our historical Palestinian extension. Some may not feel this directly, but their involvement in this institution without a doubt left an impact at their subconscious, and this is important”.

Qarwani said “A whole life is waiting for us, full of challenges. Perhaps our previous experiences are only a drop in the sea of this life with its waves beating the strong and weak alike. There may be moments when we have no hope or futility, with life hitting us, not waiting for anyone. It may all be or may not be. But for today, think of your success only, it’s your right to rejoice in what you have achieved with your effort and perseverance”.

She concluded “Like you, I’m happy, but I’m a little bit sad too, for leaving this remarkable edifice where I experienced its beauty. During my few years here, less than four years, I saw how it developed, experienced significant changes not only in architecture, but also academically. This positive atmosphere had a great impact on my academic excellence and desire for the best. Arab American University is one of Jenin’s paradises and a hope for the city and Palestine”.

The ceremony included artistic performances by university choir. Alumni and parents audience interact with.

Before starting the 14th graduation ceremony members of honor podium have honored the cartoonist Mohammad Saba'neh on his book “Black and White” as national achievement. Followed by honoring faculties’ top students and deliver certificates to upcoming graduates on the first and second summer semesters of 2016/2017academic year. Their names are:


Faculty of Arts

Basic Elementary Education

  • Ibaa Adel Abd Alraof Zahalqa
  • Hana Foad Ahmad Made        
  • Mo'Men Abdalhamid Saleh Yaseen           
  • Mai Yousef Mostafa Zakarneh

English Language

  • Norh Jamal Ahmed Drawsheh                
  • Raghad Ghazi Ahmad Abufarha              
  • Rasha Khaled Ahmad Nazzal                
  • Hanin Ali Adballah Abu Alrob             
  • Fareeda Mohammad Thyab Abu Salah         
  • Mais Ghassan (Mouhammed Saed) Jarrar     
  • Rana Mustafa Mohamed Bani Odeh           
  • Othman Ahmad Alian Da'dou                
  • Rana Khaled Mahmoud Mahajna              
  • Abeer Abdel Razeq Abdel Latif Zedan      

Arabic Language and Media

  • Dana Ahmad Abdalqader Alduraidi          
  • Dojana Ali Abdallah Abu Alrob            
  • Amani Nedal Nader Abu-farha              
  • Sohaib Mohammad Saleh Qabaha             
  • Baraa Abdalla Mohammad Sbanee            
  • Amjad Tareq Mahmoud Habelreeh            
  • Bayan Sameer Yousef Morshed              
  • Tamara Mohamed Dawood Fahmawi            
  • Aseel Hassan Abdalhameed Naqeeb          
  • Munther Sami Khalil Mufreh               

Teaching English

  • Haneen Jehad Nafi Abu Taleb              
  • Dawood Sami Ibrahim Esawi                
  • Mays Ameen Shafeq Abed                   
  • Reem Amer Ismaeil Eqtat                  
  • Enas Adnan Yousef Saleh                  
  • Haya Abed Alsamee'a Mustafa Amer         
  • Nisreen Mahmoud Abed Alawneh             

Teaching Mathematics

  • Fatema Hatem Fayez Elayah                
  • Munya Ali Mohammad Khraiwesh             
  • Hamsah Zeyad Dawod Zeyadah               

Teaching Science

  • Lubna Khalid Aref Abboushi               
  • Shatha Waleed Khaled Sabaneh             
  • Dyana Kamal Ahmad Ibaidi                 
  • Mohamad Diab Ibrahim Aabid               
  • Angham Arabi Ahmad Kmail    

Teaching Arabic             

  • Yacoub Sharli Yacoub Khader


Faculty of Nursing


  • Sahar Hasan Mohammad Shekh Zaid          
  • Rimah Moaid Asaad Abbas                  
  • Omar Wajeh Shafeq Zaid                   
  • Yosra Masaaod Ali Mhajna                 
  • Abdullah Mohammad Mahmoud Ghannam        
  • Anwar Gamil Yousef Badosi                
  • Samer Mahmoud Saleem Basher              
  • Waseem Mofak Ghaze Saidahmad             
  • Saher Sadem Husein Safiyeh               
  • Fathi Khaled Fathi Hayadra               
  • Mai Fuad Hasan Bishara                   
  • Elham Sad Mohammad Abo Qutna             
  • RONZA YOUSEF RAJI UBEID                  
  • Marin Mohamed Ali Ghanayim               
  • Methkal Sabeh Abedalrahmman Aghbaria     
  • Shifaa Mohammad Jamal Nazzal             
  • Besan Hatem Mohammad Qab                 
  • mahdi asim omran daana                   
  • Nusaiba Orsan Flah Dahleh                
  • Mahmoud Ibrahem Sobhe Agbaria            
  • Angham Sami Mahmoud Hamarshi             
  • Muhammad Hany Ali Tatour                 
  • Mohamad Ebraheem Najeeb Mahajna          
  • Abeer Qasem Mohamad Jabareen             
  • Mohammed Abdalhalim Mohammed Massalha    
  • Nabeeh Hussien Nabeeh Odeh               
  • Ahmad Shawqi Mohamad Sawaftah            
  • Ala Abd Al Lateef Ebraheem Abulaban      
  • Mohanad Anees Asad Karawi                
  • Mohayer Mahmoud Theeb Khateeb            
  • Ahmad Mohammad Ali Za'rora               
  • Wesam Tawfeeq Fareed Agbaria             
  • Sozan Qaher Mohammad Samar               
  • Tahaluf Sameih Mahmud Hussien            
  • Shereen Jamal Saleh Mahajna              
  • May Basem Mohammed Abidalhay             
  • Morad Mohammad Abedallraoff Gabaren      
  • Hani Mahmoud Mostafa Daghlas             
  • Alaa Nidal Ezat Fahoum                   
  • Soheer Mohammad Hafed Jarrar             
  • Borhan Ibrahem Mohmmad Ashkar            
  • Amr Mohammad Mahamoud Ghannam            
  • Ibrahim Raja'Y Yahya Sandouka            
  • Fadi Juma Mhumad Mhumad                  
  • Salman Naser Khaled Habiballah           
  • Jiana Mohamad Hmedi Sabbah               
  • Fadi Mousa Husin Briq                    
  • Ahmad Amar Mahmod Zbedat                 
  • Ibrahim Hasan Mahmoud Abutrabi           
  • Wala Feras Mahmoud Abomahmoud            
  • Samer Sohel Nafeth Abusakha              
  • Maysa' Mohammad Khalil Taleb             
  • Adham Kmeel Mohamed Abriq                
  • Yusuf Haitam Saeed Masarwa               
  • FAYEZ ZAHI KHALED ABO AUDE               
  • Alaa Said Ahmad Taha                     
  • Abeer Fakhry Saleh Fode                  
  • RAYA ZEAD AHMAD BADRAN                   
  • Islam Mohamed Hosen Makalde              
  • Naseem Yazid Khalil Nassra               
  • Rarid Weaam Abd-El Latef Qasem           
  • Mohammad Amar Ebrahem Hijazi             
  • Najia Faiad Abdelhamed Shalbe            
  • shadi harees kamal s'adi                 
  • Othman Yousef Ahmad BanyOdeh


Faculty of Law

Fiqh And Law

  • Aseel Raed Tawfeeq Alghol                
  • Redab Nimer Ahmad Nazzal                 
  • Amal Abedalrhman Saeed Sabaneh           
  • Mona Ahmed Nayef Rabaia                  
  • Mohamad Saleh Saad Abuamer               
  • Hanen Maher Mustafa Alawne               
  • Shahd Hisham Muhammad Abulibdeh          
  • Suha Main Mohammad Abunaim               
  • EHAB YOSEF LTFI ASARAWA                  
  • Mais Ahmad Nader Abu Alrob


  • Ahmad Saleh Rafeq Abu Baker              
  • Hend Ibraheem Ali Jazara                 
  • Sewar Waleed Mohammad Luhlouh            
  • Mahde Salah Mahde Masaod                 
  • Nezar Adnan Abdalqader Ghanem            
  • Shady Mohammad Ibrahim Kmail             
  • Abdallah Mhamad (Jamal Subhe) Hamdan     
  • Barehan Mohamed Ahmed Mahamed            
  • Yara Nidal Khalid Abufarha               
  • Basel Ammar Saeed Sawaftah               
  • Amal Nasfat Mustafa Zaarour              
  • Sheren Mohammed Abdelqader Freehat       
  • MAIS BASAM AHMAD AZAAM                   
  • Shaima Amin Ahmad Souqia                 
  • Hisham Ahmad Mahmoud Jarrar              
  • Ahmad Rebhee Mahmud Rasheed              
  • Saja Mohammad Saed Alhaj                 
  • Abdallah Ahmed Mustafa Rabay'ah          
  • Malak Mohammad Mahmoud Bzour             
  • Alaa' Esmael Mohammed Zatari             
  • Muna Ahmad Assa'd Abu Atteh              
  • Saeed Emad Saeed Mjdobe                  
  • Nermen Jameel Mohammad Massad            
  • Anas Jamal Saleem Ismail                 
  • BARAA MOHAMMAD SALEH ABED                
  • Nayrouz Jamal Ali Najar                  
  • Maram Ghassan Radwan Samoudi             
  • Ahmad Mahdi Mohammad Jarrar              
  • Ghayda Basem Izaat Abualrub              
  • Ala Bassem Fares Alaqma                  
  • Walaa Imad Mohammad Shawahni             
  • Sabreen Zahir Ahmad Abu-Hassan           
  • Alaa Adnan Said Obedye                   
  • mohamad Ahmad Izat Shaqour               
  • HADEEL BADER Mohammad MASSAD             
  • Ayham Mohammad Sobhe Mousa               
  • Jinan Khaled Saleh Lhloh                 
  • Mojahed Eisa A'ayesh Aza'r               
  • Majd Abdalah Shafeq Zuod                 
  • Mamdoh Fayez Ahmad Salameh


Faculty of Graduate Studies

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

  • Mohammad Jamil Ahmed Abdalghafoor        
  • Rami Azmi Hasan Issa                     
  • Issa Ali Issa Bituni                     
  • Abُedelnaser Eqab Mahmoud Al Sa'id       
  • Manar Yousef Mohammed Al-Tamimi 

Master of Computer Science

  • Salah Hasan Ismail Jabareen              
  • Shafaq Jaber Mahmoud Abul-Houf           
  • Abd - Almonem Ismail Thiab Abu - Hasan   
  • Monir Sayel Hamed Foqaha                 
  • Kefaya Tayseer Mohammad Sabaneh              
  • May Khalid Shawkat Saleh                     
  • naeem tayseer sadiq khaleel                  
  • Hamzah "Mohammad Ali" Suleiman Hijawi        
  • Ihab Khaleel Abdel Rahman Hamdan             
  • Esraa Ahmad Abdalah Noor                     
  • BILAL HISHAM HASAN GHANEM                    
  • Azhar AbdAlkareem Yousef Hamdan              
  • Abeer Abdallah Ahmad Z'aroor                 
  • Isra' Hasan Asa'd Asa'd                      
  • Aehab Mohammd Abed Nasra                     
  • Shorouq Ahmad Abd-Allah Salahat              
  • Asma' Ibrahim Muhammad Akkawi                
  • Haytham Abdelkareem Hosni Abdelkareem Qoshtom
  • Ahmad Jaber Mahmoud Abul-Houf                
  • Duaa Mohammad Fareed AbuSamrah               
  • Bayan Nader Tawfeq Kharaz                    
  • Mohammed Omer Qasem Eleyat                   
  • Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed Qerem    

Master in Strategic Planning and Fundraising

  • Wesam Yacaub Ibraheem Ghateet                
  • Mohamed Sobh Musa "Mohamed                   
  • Mohannad Ahmad Mahmoud Abu Daqar             
  • Sana Zaki Awad Awadallah                     
  • Mahmoud Sharef Mostafa Zaytoun               
  • Yousef Atef Yousef Amarneh                   
  • Amir Radwan Anis Said                        
  • Hanan Hasan Abd-allah Nazzal                 
  • Asma' Omar Dris Kharroub                     
  • Reema Ghazi Kamel Abu Shaheen                
  • Dana Mohannad Salah Khalaf                   
  • Ahmad Adel Mahmoud Ammar                     
  • Radwan Mahmoud Mousa Abumwais

Master in Applied Mathematics

  • Wafa' Ahmad Mohamad Nazzal               
  • Aseel Saleh Mohammad Qarout              
  • Abdalaziz Jameel Salih Hamdan            
  • Anwar Mutassim Tawfiq Al-Khader          
  • Bara' Mjali Jameel Abu Khadra            
  • Waf'a Sofian Mohammad Obedy              
  • Jawad Mohammad Hussien Abushomer             
  • Amani Akram Ibrahim Muhanna                  
  • Israa Tawfeeq Hasan Abu Sharbeh              
  • anwaar isam khalid thaher                    
  • Duaa nader hussein abuzaina                  
  • Mahmoud Taher Mohammed Ibraheem              
  • Haneen Yasser Joma Turkman                   
  • Hammam AbedAlhaleem Hafiz (Hamad Khalil)     
  • Haneen Waleed Kamel Zaghloul                 
  • Ala' mostafa Abdeljabbar Khatib              
  • Mohammad Allan Husni AbuMualla               
  • Mona Yousef Mohammed Riyal

Master in Physics

  • Eman Omer Hasan Nazzal                       
  • Qotaibah Abdalhadi Abdalqader Alkarem        
  • Olfat Abd Al Fattah                          
  • Sufyan Rateb Saleem Shehada                  
  • Maisam M. A. Abdallah                        
  • Hanan Zaidan Ghazi Hamamera                  
  • Tamara Yaqoub Yousef Abed

Master in Commercial Law

  • Hala Walid Shaker Masoud                 
  • Nabeel Ezat Salameh Ghaith               
  • Ibraheem Mohammed Yousef Jaradat         
  • Alaa Ziad Odeh Samara                    
  • Maryam Faisal "Moh'd Ghazi" Jaradat      
  • Reem Rateb Abdallah Azzouqa              
  • Ola Ghalib Shafiq Jammous                
  • Amir Zuhdi Abed-El-fatah Al-Tamimi           
  • Monjed Hani Mohammad Ghaith                  
  • Samah Ayman Mohammed Zakarneh                
  • Shaher Jawdat Saleem Abu Alwafa              
  • Mohammad Rasheed Raja Atrash                 
  • Hebe Fawe Abd-Alhammed Alkelane              
  • Ramz Bassam Reda AbuSalameh                  
  • Alaa Ali Shhadeh Hawamda                     
  • IBRAHEEM Khalid ABED YAHYA                   
  • Rahma Abd-alkareem Ibrahim Salman            
  • Samira Moaz Nihad Almassri                   
  • Majd Reyad Khaled Assaf                      
  • Nidaa Ibrahim Naji Fsaisi                    
  • Nael Mohammed Fallah Ghannam                 
  • Anas Mohammad Theeb Shawish                  
  • Sireen Bashar Sameeh Jarrar                  
  • Jehad Reda Yousef Kmail                      
  • Ezdihar Hosny Yousef Al-Haj                  
  • Sufian "Mohammad Atyh" Rmadan Tamimi         

Master in Conflict Resolution and Development

  • Abdelrahman Mohammed Odeh Nazzal             
  • Abdullah Khaled Saleh Assali                 
  • Jwana Ghaleb Mohammad Al-haj hasan           
  • Sari Hisham Mrawweh Abdallah                 
  • Iyad Othman Sadiq Abdullah                   
  • Mazen Mohammad Ata Abu Ata                   
  • Jihan Ahmad  Saleh                           
  • Areej Waleed Adeeb Faza'                     
  • May Ahmad Hassan Najmi                       
  • Hussam Subhi Abd Alraoof Alhaj Hasan         
  • Nidal Majeed Tawfiq Kharoubeh                
  • Hasan Khaled Yousef Kmail                    
  • Haneen Sameeh Adel Qarawi


Faculty of Sciences

Mathematics and Statistics

  • Rahaf Theeb Yousef Abed                  
  • FATEMA HATEM FAYEZ ELAYAH                
  • Jiana Nikhola George Lambros             
  • ANWAR FATHI THEYAB MARE'                 
  • Hamsah Zeyad Dawod Zeyadah               
  • Baha' Majed Ahmad Obaidah                
  • Sonia Iyad Nafi Yaseen                   
  • Thaher Emad Thaher AlShroof              
  • Marihan Mostafa Tayser Swafta     

Biology and Biotechnology

  • Salam Fathi Taher Zhran                  
  • Lubna Ahmad Mohammad Kmail


  • Nooralhuda Hasan Omar Aboalrub           
  • Nadin Sami Mohmmad Abualrob              
  • Kawthar Othman Areef Sharafe             
  • Tahani Mohammad Ali Irshead              
  • Nanci Mahmiud AbdAlfattah Yaseen         
  • Mohamad Diab Ibrahim Aabid               
  • Fatima Mohammad Isma'eel Abual-rub       
  • Yasmeen Ibraheem Mohammad Jaradat 


  • Shahed Hani Mahmod Shaheen               
  • Fatemah Moneeb Ezzat Abbas               
  • Yosra Amer Mosa Aljeetawi                
  • Eman Basim Mohammad Abu Arrah            
  • Abd Fawzi Abd Daraghmeh                  
  • Hanadi Jamal Omar Abulrub                
  • ANGHAM Arabi Ahmad Kmail


Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences

Business Administration

  • Mai Zaidan Mohammad Al-Jada'             
  • Mohammad Hassoneh Labbad Atawneh         
  • Monqeth Yosef Husien Dyabat              
  • Arwad Kamal Dawood Habaybeh              
  • Fayyad Nafth Fayyad Maali                
  • Nariman Husam Younis Al-bzoor            
  • Baraah Fakhre Mustafa Sleet              
  • Nada Ali Ahmad Salah                     
  • Basil Mostafa Abdalla Lahloh             
  • Said Hassan Mohammad Habayba             
  • Rana Khalid Hussni Abualhassan           
  • Ahmad Mo'Tasem Mostafa Nasra

Hospitals and Health Care Management

  • Hazem Abed Al-Rahman Wahid Zyoud         
  • Ziad Ibraheem Saeed Sheikha              
  • Ahmad Makawe Tawfeq Shadeed

Management Information Systems (MIS)

  • Baker Maher Rashed Masarwa               
  • Adham Tawfeeq Arab Swalmeh               
  • Hala Naser Adam Na'Em                    
  • Dana Mahyoub Mostafa Sawafta             
  • Ahmad Maher Zohdi Hejazi                 
  • Orwah Amer Mahmoud Shawahna              
  • Doha Jehad Reda Azmouti                  
  • Shamsah Adnan Shaker Damayreh            
  • Mahdi Mohammad Abdalmalek Abusuleiman    
  • Diana Subhy Mohammed Al-Ardah            
  • Rawan Ahel Mohammad Mishall              
  • Maisam Mohammad Ahmad Kmail              
  • Raghad Allam Ahmad Salah


  • Abdallah Basem Abd-alsamad Aker          
  • Mahmoud mustafa Sulaiman Foqha           
  • Tareq Ahmad Aref Amarneh                 
  • Ahmad Yousef Abd ِِAlmonam Jamal         
  • Mustafa Nafeth Jamal Ajjawi              
  • Jafar Fayez Ahmed Alhwaiti               
  • Mahmoud Ameen Nimer Mustafa              
  • Abed AlAzez Zaki Ahmad Irshaid           
  • Tamer Majid Sa'Aed Qassrawi              
  • Khaled Ebrahem Ahmed Shna'A              
  • Ryad Abdalhakeem Abdallah Zakarneh       
  • Adnan Mohammad Awaad Hroub               
  • Victor Eyad Victor Abu Lail              
  • Ashraf Emad Mustafa Humos

Financial and Banking Sciences

  • Lujain Hisham Mustafa Abed               
  • Salam Fawwaz Ahmad Baddad                
  • Nadia Ziyad Sleeman Fayad                
  • Amal Jamal AbdAllatif Hamdan             
  • Ali Mostafa Abd-Alraheem Shalabi         
  • Anhar Waleed Mohamad Albzoor             
  • Farah Adnan Kamal Sa'Di                  
  • Yasmin Ihsan Abdelateef Almaani          
  • Osama Mahmoud Mustafa Hamadi             
  • Omar Hossam Taleb Nassar                 
  • Anwar Mohamad Rafiq Lahluh               
  • Haya Ali Mohmoud Qassrawi                
  • Sana Roshdi Asaad Abu-obaid              
  • Mosa Wasfi Mohammad Hamarsheh            
  • Heba Mohammed Taher Tahayineh


  • Anwar Wasfe Ahmad Aboalrob               
  • MAJD NADER HAFETH QUBBAJ                 
  • Ziyad Ahmad Saeed Sawafta                
  • Saleh Ali Alyan Daraghmeh                
  • Nour Wajeeh Mustafa Hamarsheh            
  • Nirmeen Ahmad Hasan Hamamri              
  • Kamleh Monther Ahmad Mahmoud             
  • JANNAT BASEM ZAYED JABER                 
  • Jamela Jamal Nimer Zaid                  
  • Ikram Radwan Mahmoud Salatneh            
  • Ramiz Waleed Rushdi Sbeih                
  • Soad Jawdat Talal Jarrar                 
  • Leena Ali Mohamad Melhem                 
  • OLA SAMEER KAMEL ALKEREM                 
  • Ammar Omar Saleh Amarneh                 
  • Sajeda Hossam Kaled Zaid                 
  • Mohammed Hassan Khaled Hamdan            
  • Roa'a Farhan Mohammad Farahte            
  • Mahmoud Mohammad Ahmad Awwad             
  • Muna Daoud Metri Kharouba                
  • Abdalfatah Mohamad Tawfeq Gabaren        
  • Ayman Ghassan Motlaq Sawafta             
  • Saher Abdallah Mustafa Daragma           
  • Mahmoud Saifeddin Mahmoud Mustafa        
  • Nadeem Waleed Mohammed Khalaf            
  • RAWAN AHMAD SALEH MOSLEH                 
  • Deema Mohammed Tawfeeq Zaid              
  • Shafeeiq Suhil Shafeeq Maali             
  • Amal Ahmad Mohammad Alqadi               
  • Osaid Zakaria Arief Melhem               
  • Ayat Ahmad Tawfeeq Marei                 
  • Mahmoud Fathi Shafeeq Alababbsi          
  • Rasha Ahmad Yousef Kmail                 
  • Amro Husam Mohammad Abualrub             
  • Lama Rashed AbdAlqader Naim              
  • Mohammad Aysar Ratib "Qasim Solaiman"    
  • Mahmoud Khaled Ahmad Barham              
  • Yousef Haytham Yousef Hamed              
  • mohammad nabeel mahmoud hasees           
  • Saeb Mohammad Nthme Malli                
  • Ruba Abdalah Saleh Nairat                
  • EBA'A BASEM YOUSEF BELALO                
  • Mahmoud Waleed Yousef Mahmoud            
  • HIFA Shame Yousef Shame                  
  • Mohammed Motei Saleem Kitana             
  • Salam (Mohammed Amin) Abed Allateef Ayyad
  • Nadera Ziyad Sleeman Fayad               
  • Fatima Mohammad Shareef Abeed            
  • Seif Ahmed Mahmmod Khader                
  • Hiba Nabeel Khaled Assaf                 
  • Nael Tawfiq Theeb Khateeb                
  • Ashraf Moa'mmar Burhan Alaker            
  • Hana' Ahmad Ibrahim Keheil               
  • Rami Basem Mustafa Barakat               
  • Sanad Bassam Sabri Atyani                
  • Tawfeq Samer Tawfeq Assaf                
  • Saeb Issam Shaker Soudah                 
  • Hassan Omar Hussni Abuhananah            
  • Muneer Emad Alean Daraghmeh              
  • Mohammad Zyad Saleem Sadqa               
  • Hamzi Salah Ahmad Salameh                
  • Mohammad Majed Mohammad Da'As            
  • Marie Mohammad Khalel Aboshanab          
  • Montaser Wahed Mohammed Zaben            
  • Wafa Moneeb Yahya Alsa'di                
  • Wesam Saleh Salim Basha                  
  • Ahmad Saed Mohammad Abu_Alwafa           
  • Ehab Mohammad Ahmad Sawafta              
  • Mostafa Radi Mraweh Abumwuis             
  • Safaa Najih Ismaiel Nassar               
  • Shaima Adnan Hussien Rasheed             
  • wisam Nizar Adnan Tahayna                
  • Mohanad Morad Talib Qasem Soliman        
  • Mariam Salim Yousef (Francis) Shehada    
  • Marah Basem Abedalkareem Sulaiman        
  • Razan Ghassan Shafee Hammad              
  • Oday Sqer Mohamad Qalalwe                
  • Mohammad Moqbel Atta Hasan               
  • Mohammad Mowaffaq Fayez Sawafta          
  • Fakhri Mohammad Fakhri Daraghmi          
  • Mahamd Jamal Mahamd Jaber                
  • Yazan Nedal Rushde Badran                
  • Amjad Bilal Nassar Zakarne               
  • Samer Taher Mohammed Qtait               
  • Qasem Khaled Qasem Zakarne               
  • Mustafa Zeyad Mohammad Khalaf            
  • Jumanah Mohammad Khaleel Kmail           
  • Ahmad Habis Shareef Bzour                
  • Raya Yasser Mohammad Albzoor             
  • MAYSA ADEL ANEES ABED                    
  • Batool Mousa Mohammad Sawafta            
  • Yasmeen Sameer Fathi Haj Ebraheem        
  • Lutfi Mohammed Saleh Abu Alnasser        
  • Ammar Basem Abd Alra'Of Alyat            
  • Anas Said Mahmoud Hamdan                 
  • Yara Adel Ahmad Ibaidi                   
  • Asam Mahmoud Taher Nawahda               
  • Mahmoud Jasim Mahmoud Khaliliah          
  • Motasem Nedal Abdulrahman Abuali         
  • Samer Nafith "habeeb Tawfeeq" Naser Allah
  • Rayana Mohammad Awad Jammal              
  • Mohammad Amin Ersan Saleh


Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences

Medical Imaging

  • Tamer Khaled Nemer Mustafa               
  • Sohaib Saeed Razeq Daraghmeh             
  • Alaa Abd Alslam Ahmad Mansour            
  • Nabih Abedelnour Nabih Bajali            
  • Ahed Rafat Ahed Mahmoud Ali              
  • Muna Raik Bouls Hanna                    
  • Einass Simon Elias Ebelini               
  • Maroun Nader Bishara Barkini             
  • Maali Mores Shehade Mzalbatt             
  • Wa'D Waled Hamdan Salameh                
  • Ahmad Munir Asad Asla                    
  • Fadi Bassam Mohammad Zarqawi             
  • Naela Nader Mohamad Nadim Wattad         
  • Ashraf Emad Mohammad Ibrahim             
  • Nehal Amal Mahmoud Asla                  
  • Nadim Taisir Mohammad Mahajna            
  • Asma Saeed Nimer Nimer                   
  • Mohammed Waled Hasan Hassanien


  • Nasreen Yosef Mostfa Hiadry              
  • Nizar Abdelmajed Hasan Nasra             
  • Zaher Mohammad Ibraheem Omary            
  • Henam Ziad Mostafa Abed Elkader          
  • Ameer Jamal Ata Turki                    
  • Maria Irfan Suliman Dahly                
  • Samar Naser Husni Dalasheh               
  • Mahmoud Mohammad Mahmoud Husari          
  • Khaled Afif Fahid Hijazi                 
  • Diaa Jamal Mohammad Abumuch              
  • Faten Ahmad Shafa'a Hussien              
  • Yazan Habes Salem Kabaha                 
  • Mohamed Ali Ahmad Khatib                 
  • Noha Mohamad Khaled Nawahda              
  • Moeed Eilat Saed Azab                    
  • Kanar Fathi Sabri Hamad                  
  • Reham Yahia Ahmad Yaseen                 
  • Ahlam Foad Ahmad Hosh                    
  • Moanes Wael Ebrahem Assadi               
  • Serin Anees Raja Shenawi                 
  • Mohammad Abed El-Rauf Mohammad Humam     
  • Areej Foad Hanna Elias                   
  • Afnan Raja Abdalltef Egbaria             
  • HIBA ISAM MOHAMMAD AMARA                 
  • Meisarim Raji Abdallah Shallash          
  • Batoul Nasser Khaleel Abukhadir          
  • Kamar Omer Hamad Abu Rayya               
  • Tahleel Waleed Mohammad Kadah            
  • Weam Abdelmajeed Hassan Nasrah           
  • Islam Soleman Hassan Fodah               
  • Karam Maruan Kamal Yassin                
  • Aseel Abd-Alrahem Mohammad Daher         
  • Mohammad Khaleel Jamal Ayasi

Occupational Therapy

  • Muhammad Faisal Abedalhmed Abulil        
  • Abdallah Ezaldin Abdallah Sarsur         
  • Yara Naim Salem Naser                    
  • Amany Fuad Mohamad Awad                  
  • Mawed Abdalraheem Abdallah Awad          
  • Esraa Abdallah Ali Hijaze                
  • Atheer Saed Mahmoud Hussen               
  • Yacoub Mohmad Ahmad Yacoub               
  • Saja Esam Saleh Masarwa                  
  • Rabee Omar Soliman Albzoor               
  • Alaa' Kassem Ali Nassar                  
  • Nabaa Hilmy Amer Amer                    
  • Emad Deen Abd alraoof Deeb Badier        
  • Shifaa Mohammad Abdallh Milhem           
  • Anhar Gamil Yosef Bdosy                  
  • Lina Salem Abdalla Alsana                
  • Ayat Waleed Ibrahim Mahajne              
  • Amal Adnan Ibrahim Asbeh                 
  • Suha Mouin Musa Sarhan                   
  • Omar Ahmad Fawaz Qasum                   
  • Haia Nadir Mohammed Hanini               
  • Haya Hazem Mohamd Arafat                 
  • Haya Mohammad Abd-alateef Naser          
  • Marwa Khalil Suliman Abu Shakra          
  • Rawan Ziad Rebhi Laham                   
  • Nadeen Mrwan Mohamad Hanif               
  • Mai Taleb Ahmad Qasem                    
  • Nadeen Ahmad Shehadi Agbaria             
  • Naseem Ghazi Khader Taha                 
  • Sherin Hasan Mohammad Badier             
  • Rabea Hatem Showkt Kabha                 
  • Hasan Mahmoud Mustafa Ayoub              
  • Nadeen Waheeb Khalil Maghamse            
  • Israa Mohammad Waleed Ibraheim           
  • Hosniah Almamoon Soliman Amer            
  • Mariana Zahi Farah Baransi               
  • Hida Awni Ghaleb Abo Kheit               
  • Samira Zedan Ahmad Kussom                
  • Huda Naser Moustafa Ghanim               
  • Lamis Ahed Awne Abu Gosh                 
  • Fatema Ibrahim Ali Zidan                 
  • Nadeen Micheal Hanna Shaheen             
  • Jad Khaled Mohammed Najami               
  • Renad Waleed Abedalrhman Jbali           
  • Nur Bassam Mohammad Bishara              
  • Madleen Saleh Mohamd Jody                
  • Saja Zohir Nasir Shalabi                 
  • Reem Victor Farhan Hanout                
  • HAYA ALI IBRAHAIM ELMALAK                
  • Salim Yousef Salim Kayal                 
  • Maram Hussam Mohammad Murad              
  • Saja Nazih Naji Khatib                   
  • Massar Hussein Ahmad Azaiza              
  • Shuruk Naser Mostfa Ghanim               
  • Safa'A Sami Omar Ahmad                   
  • Mohammad Amir Salamih Suleiman           
  • Doaa Ahmad Mahmoud Sghyer                
  • Nour Suheil Mahmoud Elhaj                
  • Mouhammad Abdelhadi Mahmoud Nassirat     
  • Nour Samer Jamel Safory                  
  • MAISAM RASHED ALE YASEEN                 
  • Ehab Tayser Salah Kadry                  
  • Alice Hasan Ali Nassar                   
  • Hannan Hisham Abdallah Alime             
  • Arwa Abd-alrahman Saeed Najar            
  • Naji Jawdat Naji Hanayshe                
  • HADEEL JAMAL AHMAD SEMRY                 
  • Tasnim Fhmi Yousef Biadsa                
  • Amneh Abdallah Issa Dais                 
  • Samah Adel Mustafa Ijbariye              
  • Rifqah Muneer Ishaq Salhab               
  • Maram Abed ِAlkhaleq Fared Mahajna       
  • Dima Basem Mohamed Hijazi                
  • Ibrahim Raslan Ibrahim Agbaria           
  • Marah Jaber Mustafa Sultan               
  • Riham Ziyad Ahmad Amer                   
  • Elana Fouad Assa'd Rashid                
  • Ghadeer Ali Saeed Abu Sria               
  • Ahmad Samir Ahmad Yasin                  
  • Zahraa Mahmood Khalid Ghanayim           
  • Adan Adnan Mohamed Alnsasra              
  • Arin Kamel Abed Asla                     
  • Nard Ahmad Saleem Saadi                  
  • (Haneen Sara) Akram Nemr Taha            
  • Elham Bassam Abdِ Almohammad Khaled      
  • Najlaa Saed Mahmoud Badran               
  • LINA AWNI YAHYA ALMARAANA                
  • Mohammad Fatehi Ishaq Faraj              
  • Majd Mohamed Saeed Tawfiq Badarna        
  • Nour Mohammed Taiser Igbaria             
  • Mohammad Deeb Mohammad Meilawy

Medical Laboratory Sciences

  • Haya Mostafa Khalid Hamarsheh            
  • Anwar Mohand Mohammad Al-Tobaje          
  • Fareeda Jamal Fahad Abu-Alrob            
  • Isra' Hussien Ahmed Qalalwa              
  • Seema Ibrahime Ali Draghmeh              
  • Thaer Gassan Thaer Abd Alhi              
  • Sondous Fakhri Mahmoud Habiballa         
  • Doaa Raji Ahmad Atamla                   
  • Faten Hussain Ahmad Zakarneh             
  • Shahd Bilal Khalil As'D                  
  • Shaymaa Khairi Hasan Kmail               
  • Venal Yousef Ayed Matar                  
  • Yazan Aref Abas Abboushi                 
  • Wisam Mazin Adnan Alghoul


Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology

Computer Information Technology

  • Mohammad Naji Mahmoud Hanaysheh          
  • Batool Marie Mahmoud Shawhina            
  • Hussien Rafa Hussien Mnezel

Computer Science

  • Melad Marwan Melad Alantabil 

Computer Systems Engineering

  • Tasneem Riyad Ahmad Ayasseh              
  • Hanadi Jamal Hashem Kmail                
  • Islam (Mohamad Saeed) Ahmad Mhameed      
  • Hadeel Ahmad Fayyad Hussien              
  • Abedelkareem Riad Kamel Zidan            
  • Saeb Naser Abd Alfattah Salah            
  • Abdallah Fayez "Mohammad Ali" Rabaya'    
  • Mohammad Yasir Sameeh Alkhaldi           
  • Wiam Waleed Ahmed Sa'Aydeh               
  • Rawan Jalal Ibrahim Samara

Telecommunications Engineering

  • Saja Asem Ahmed Abu Farha                
  • Motasem Waleed Tawfeek Abu Alrub         
  • Dia' Ghaleb Nayef Mosleh                 
  • Badr Amjad Mahmood Sawafta               
  • Saja Waleed Taher Zakarenh               
  • Samah Tawfiq Sulaiman Abu Mashayekh      
  • Ahmed Yosef Omar Abu Khamis              
  • Montasir Mohammed Yousef Sabanih         
  • Nawras Sami Rateb Zedan                  
  • O'Hod Mohammad Fahad Basharat            
  • Bahjat Omer Matar Bni Odi                
  • Bassam Ahmed Abdul Kareem Nazzal         
  • Amani Huseen Abdallah Abu Mahua Aldaeen


Faculty of Dentistry

Dentistry and Oral Surgery

  • Jwana Shawkie Jamal Nasser                
  • Aseel Mohammad Khaled Salama              
  • Salma Khaled Ahmad Barham                 
  • Miral Walid Nasri Khoury                  
  • Mays Mahmoud Jameel Odah                  
  • Adi Fihmy Yousef Darawsheh                
  • Fuad Amin Saleem Eid                      
  • Nidaa Yaseen Abd-Alftah Jararaa           
  • Mohammad Khaled Yousef Farhat             
  • Hamza Zakaria Ahmed Younis                
  • Amnah Khaled Yousef Kmail                 
  • Amr Taleb Hasan El-Debas                  
  • Reem Yousef Mohammad Alayyan              
  • Heba Muthanna Ebraheem Qasarweh           
  • Maha Omar Taher Shaka                     
  • Jouline Anton Elias Hajjar                
  • Ja'far Allam Shawkat Ennab