Arab American University Hosts Training Course by Anti-Corruption Commission for a Number of Academics to Teach Two Corruption Fighting Courses

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Arab American University, Ramallah Campus, hosts specialized training course organized by the Anti-Corruption Commission for a number of academics specialized in teaching the courses; “Corruption Fighting: Challenges and Solutions” and “Corruption Crimes in Palestinian Legislation”. In presence of the University President Prof. Dr. Ali Zeidan Abu Zuhri and Head of Anti-Corruption Commission Dr. Rafeq Al-Natsheh.

University President Prof. Dr. Ali Zeidan Abu Zuhri and Head of Anti-Corruption Commission Dr. Rafeq Al-Natsheh

The training targets group of academics from 13 Palestinian universities and colleges that signed MoU to teach those two courses with the Anti-Corruption Commission.

It aims to familiarize the participants with the course teaching mechanisms, relationship between the Anti-Corruption Commission and its partners from different sectors, review results of the Commission studies with the parties implementing it in different sectors and the parties to implement it in researches, too.

In his speech at the session opening, University President Prof. Dr. Abu Zuhri welcomed the President Anti-Corruption Commission Dr. Natsheh, and the attendance of academics from different universities. He expressed the Arab American University keenness in its main campus in Jenin and Ramallah to host workshops that reflects positively on the educational process and students in particular. Praising the Anti-Corruption Commission work and sleekness to raise awareness against corruption in society.

 “Students are the future leaders. We must invest in them by educating and guiding against corruption and raise good values ​​and ethics”, he added.

Professor Natsheh thanked the Arab American University for hosting the session, expressing his happiness with the strategic partnership with it to consolidate concept of combating corruption. Stressing, it’s important for universities to be the first reference in political decisions making at all levels.

Pointing, Anti-Corruption commission is politically, economically and socially independent body, exists for all the Palestinian people and that the Palestinian corruption fighting law is one of the strongest compared with some Arab countries as it applies to everyone and does not exclude anyone including the head of state. Also there’s no selectivity as some may say.

Dr. Natsheh said “We seek to build model independent state, free of corruption, based on law, fight corruption and address it in all possible ways to have corruption free Palestine. Adding, the occupation, its agents and robbers of the Palestinian people money are society’s source of corruption”.

On the first day, Dr. Fadi Rabaya previewed training schedule and outline for the courses “Corruption Fighting: Challenges and Solutions” and “Corruption Crimes in Palestinian Legislation”. As for law enforcement issue in the Anti-Corruption Commission, Director General of Legal Affairs Mrs. Rasha Amarna pointed the course dealt with legal texts, corruption forms, investigation procedures, reporting complaints methods, mechanism of transferring some cases to others for lack of jurisdiction, cases follow-up mechanism and discuss other relevant laws.

Planning Director General at the anti-corruption commission Dr. Hamdi Khawaja presented the National Strategy to Fight Corruption and its accomplishments. He discussed the current strategy, reviewed evaluation results on the former strategy and presented the commission achievements in previous years.