Conducting Interviews for Master Scholarships' Applicants at AAUJ Ramallah Campus

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Presented by the Palestinian Water Authority

Faculty of Graduate Studies at Arab American University, Ramallah campus, held applying students interviews for master scholarships supported by Water Authority in cooperation with International Water Desalination Center (MEDRIC).

Group of the master scholarships applicants

Interviews committee included the Water Authority representatives and Ministry of Agriculture. Dr. Walid Sabbah, AAUJ Faculty of Graduate Studies representative conducted the interviews.

The Palestinian Water Authority in cooperation with the International Water Desalination Center (MEDRIC) provides 15 scholarships annually to all Palestinian universities and master degree researchers in water and desalination topics. The grants are awarded competitively.

This year, 12 master students from the Arab American University competed for the grant. Their research proposals included smart IT solutions, smart solutions in IT, using strategic planning, resolve conflicts about water, desalination and sustainable development.

Part of Interviews for Master Scholarships’ Applicants at AAUJ Ramallah Campus