Defending Master Thesis in Applied Mathematics at Arab American University

Monday, June 12, 2017

Researcher Haneen Waleed Zaghlol, Applied Mathematics program student at AAUJ Faculty of Graduate Studies, defended her master thesis titled “Explicit solution to solve an infinite system of ordinary linear differential equations with fixed coefficients of linear diameters three-matrix”.

Researcher Haneen Waleed Zaghlol Defense

The researcher pointed in her thesis that she derived the explicit solution of an infinite system of linear differential equations with fixed coefficients and applied some mathematical techniques to found the system solution in trigonometric coefficients matrix and diameter coefficients matrix in addition to the MATLAB program.

By end of discussion, the committee, composed of supervisor and chairman of the committee Dr. Mahmoud Manasra, Assistant Supervisor Dr. Eyad Sawan, Arab American University internal examiner Dr. Amina Afaneh and external examiner from Polytechnic University of Palestine Dr. Amjad Barham, decided to give Researcher Haneen Zaghlol a Master degree.