Master Thesis Defense in the Strategic Planning and Fundraising at Arab American University

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Researcher Radwan Mahmoud Abu Mowais, a student in the strategic planning and fundraising program at the Arab American University faculty of Graduate Studies, defended his thesis entitled “Credit Risk Assessment Strategies for Commercial Banks listed on the Palestine Exchange”.

Radwan Mahmoud Abu Mowais defense

In his thesis, researcher examined credit risk strategies used by the commercial banks listed on the Palestine Exchange through the used methods in evaluating customers' requests for credit, recognize whether banks differ in using these methods and whether they differentiate between customers using such methods.

He distributed questionnaires to a number of Palestinian banks that harmonize with the research objectives, to find that all commercial banks in Palestine use valuation methods, they focus more on guarantees and ability to pay and liquidity.

The researcher recommended, developing more systematic and efficient regulatory procedures focusing individually on the three categories of risk; factors, cause and effect. He stressed on the need to develop a computer-based system that automatically assess the borrower credit status once the relevant data about him/her is entered. This system may use any credit rating tools as a standard or combination depending on the specificities of the need.

At the end, the committee of thesis supervisor and head of committee Dr. Sharif Abu Karsh, Arab American University internal examiner Dr. Suliman Abadi and external examiner from Kadoori University Dr. Hisham Awartani, decided to give the student Radwan Abu Mowais a master degree.