Physics Master Thesis Defense at Arab American University

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Researcher Sofian Rateb Shehadeh, a physics student at the Arab American University Faculty of Graduate Studies, defended his thesis titled “Designing and Studying a Wide Range Optical Connectors”.

Researcher Sofian Rateb Shehadeh thesis defense

The researcher designed long-range optical conductors from materials with energy ranging from 1.1 to 3.33 electron volts. He studied the photoelectric properties under tungsten light influence and different types of lasers. Also studied optical sensitivity, optical response and internal and external quantitative efficiency of this package to determine the applications it can used in. Pointing, these conductors can be used to measure light intensity and optical switches. 

At the end, the committee of the thesis main supervisor and head of the committee Dr. Moayed Abu Saa, co-supervisor Dr. Hazem Khanfar, internal examiner from Arab American University Prof. Dr. Atef Qasrawi and external examiner from An-Najah University Dr. Mohammed Saeed, decided to give Sofian Shehadeh a master degree.