Students Council and Shabiba Party in AAU Organizes Solidarity Stand with Prisoners

Monday, April 17, 2017

Students Council and Shabiba Students Movement at Arab American University revived a solidarity stand with prisoners especially the ones on hunger strike, also they commemorated the 15th anniversary of Jenin Camp battle and martyrdom of Khalil Al-Wazeer, Abu Jihad.

Acting President of the University Speech

In presence of Acting President of the University Dr. Nizam Diab, Secretary of Fateh Movement in Jenin Prof. Dr. Nour Aldeen Abu Al-Rub, University Vice-Presidents, Faculties Deans, Departments Chairmen, academic and administrative members, members of Fatah Revolutionary Council, members of Jenin District Committee, members of the Legislative Council, representatives of institutions and popular events in Jenin city and camp and women and youth activities.

Dr. Diab launch it with a speech, addressing the University President Prof. Dr. Ali Zeidan greetings, pointing that Palestinian universities are the core of revolutions and liberties, expressing the university openness to implement local community activities. He saluted the prisoners, engaged in an open hunger strike, to achieve their fair and legitimate demands, referring to the prisoners’ sacrifices and pointing that more than 20% of the Palestinian were prisoners.

Secretary of Fateh Movement in Jenin Prof. Dr. Nour Aldeen Abu Al-Rub emphasized on the Palestinian people will stronger than the occupation and they won’t let go their legitimate rights. He send a message to the prisoners indicating the importance of stand by them and support them in their case.

Student Council member Ali Kamil stressed on the importance of solidarity with prisoners and support them to get their rights and demands.

Deputy Jamal Huwail, who went through Jenin Camp battle, emphasized the necessity to stick to national unity, the shortest way to victory. He pointed, the role of youth and university students who are the core of any society and referring to the Palestinian people sacrifices during the April 2002 battle and how they united to defend the camp.

The stand included, poetic segments by the poet Adnan Balawneh and Taqwa Kamil, photo exhibition was opened it included photographs of the martyr Khalil al-Wazir Abu Jihad, the martyrs of the Jenin camp battle, and deans of the prisoners and solidarity tent was opened in the university square.

Dr. Nour Abu AL-Rub speech
Students participating
Students participating