University Dabkeh Band Participates in the 2nd Palestinian Student Culture and Arts Festival

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

University Dabkeh Band participates in the 2nd Palestinian Student Culture and Arts Festival, organized by the Ministry of Higher Education in partnership with higher education organizations.

Minister of Higher Education Dr. Sabri Saidam and Birzeit University President opened the festival in presence of number of activities department directors in the ministry and a crowd of academics, staff and university students.

The event included number of segments; choir, play, singing, drawing, folklore dabkeh, magic tricks, fashion show and movies the audience was impressed and satisfied. At the end, participating teams and institutions were honored.
The University Dabkeh Band presented three Palestinian folkloric shows on Palestinian heritage, land and fighting for your country.  The shows started with "Haifa-Jenin" panel, because the university team came from Jenin and to complete the idea of connecting with other cities like Haifa. Another show’s song story talked about henna rituals and Palestinian wedding from Jerusalem to the rest of the Palestinian cities.
Saidam stressed on the importance of arts in transmitting living people’s massage, suffer and persistence for living, clinking to hope and praising the role of participating higher education institutions and technical teams
He confirmed the ministry role and keenness on polishing students' talents and adopting them, especially in light of its current readiness to launch theater, poetry and music days in national schools. To restress on the need to support the culture of science, education, optimism and hope.