University Honors Engineering Offices and Construction Firms that Made the Development Projects

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The administration of Arab American University honored the engineering offices and construction companies that planned, executed and supervised the universities development projects; university campus at Ramallah at Al-Bireh, International Football stadium, multi-usage gym hall, Registration and Acceptance building, university presidency building, associate medical sciences faculty building, university new gates, water tank and the parking lots.

Honoring the engineering offices and construction companies

Chairman of University Directors Board Dr. Yousef Asfour, Dr. Prof. Ali Zeidan Abu Zuhri, Academic Consultant for University Board of Directors and founder president Dr. Prof. Waleed Deep, University President assistant for Administrative and Financial Affairs Mr. Faleh Abu-Arra, all honored the engineering offices, heads and representatives of constructions firms for their role in planning, supervising and executing the projects.

In which the Chairman of University Directors Board Dr. Yousef Asfour complemented the achievements they made in the university projects. “Thanks to all engineering offices and constructions firms who worked on the university projects in the last few years. Those insures everybody’s devotion to bring in their best according to national and international standards. We believe in our national capabilities, knowing for sure that without our cooperating we wouldn’t make it here. Thanks again for your hard work and dedication”, he said.

He added, we at the Directors Board work to develop and improve the needed infrastructure projects to have a modern well-equipped university to serve education.

The university President Assistant for Administrative and Financial Affairs Mr. Abu-Arra mentioned this honoring ceremony to indicate the engineering offices and constructions companies who worked hard for years regardless of all obstacles to finish the university development projects in an excellence way to even win a number of local and international awards for their designs and work. “Thank you for your efforts and sincerity at work. You are now part of this University, who’s proud of everybody belongs to it”, he added.

As for them, owners and representatives of the engineering offices and constructions companies expressed their gratitude for the university management and community, affirming their pride of the Arab American University, which graduates the future generations and creates future leaders. Adding, the projects were carried out by a concerted effort between engineering offices and companies and the university who stood by them all the time.

Also the university honored; Hani Hassan Architects and Consultants Engineering Office, Sigma Arabesque Consulting Engineers, Elite Office Consultants, Mechanical Engineering Center, Civil Engineering and Environment Studies GMT, Shahd Consulting Office, Al-Amad Contracting Company, Al Saleh Contracting Company, E’tilaf Al-Mesleh, Baidar, Atlantic, Al-Kasbah General Contracting Company, AZ International Contracting Company, Baidar Contracting & Investment Company and Al Muslah Contracting Company.