Announcement : Call for Arab American University Internal Research Funding for The academic year 2016 /2017

Saturday, November 12, 2016

To AAU Faculty

Dear Colleagues,

In the academic year 2016/2017, the Arab American University has allocated the sum of JD 90,000 to promote on campus research in all areas. The maximum limit for internal scientific research grants is JD 7000. The deadline for scientific research grant applications for this semester is scheduled for 12/12/2016.

All AAU faculty members are eligible to apply for this grant using the attached electronic application form (MS word: Don’t convert it to PDF, please).

  1. The Scientific Research Committee (SRC) is responsible for following up and approving all applications.
  2. The applications will be screened internally for completeness and externally reviewed for final approval.
  3. The application form should be completed electronically except for signature pages.
  4. A realistic timeline and an itemized budget should be annexed to the proposal as indicated.
  5. The implementation of the approved proposal should be completed within 12 months from the date your grant is approved.
  6. The last installment of approximately 10% of the project value will be withheld until a satisfactory final report is submitted to the Dean of Scientific Research.
  7. Procurement of materials and equipment should be approved by the Dean of Scientific Research and purchased through the Department of Purchasing and follow the rules and regulations of AAU purchasing policies.
  8. The priority in this Cycle (1) 2016/2017 will be to researchers who did not receive funding during the previous Cycle ( 1) 2015/2016.
  9. Applications submitted with a partner from outside AAU faculty will be considered provided that:
    • The partner organization commits to allocate an equal amount of funds for the proposed activities.
    • Approximately 50% of the activities should be conducted at AAU.
    • Approximately 50% of the combined cost of materials is consumed at AAU.
    • Approximately 50% of the procured equipment is owned and housed at AAU.


Note: Application in Attachment.



Dr. Mahmoud Almanassra,

Dean’s of Scientific Research

Microsoft Office document icon Application139 KB