Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Samira Moath Al-Masri, a commercial law student in the Faculty of Graduate Studies at the Arab American University, defended her thesis entitled “Legal Regulation for Restructuring Public Shareholding Companies in Palestine: Comparative Study”.

The researcher mentioned what is Public Shareholding Companies Restructuring. The study concluded that the restructuring of companies includes administrative and financial restructuring to preserve the company continuity and sustainability, and avoid stumbling or liquidation. She recommended the necessity of having appropriate legal framework for restructuring companies in Palestine to organize their work.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Researcher Reem Azouqa, Commercial Law student at AAU’s Faculty of Graduate Studies, defended her Master thesis master thesis entitled “Buyer's right to terminate contract and Seller’s right to reform when breach in the commitment implementation occur”.

Her research discussed the buyer's right to terminate the sale contract in accordance with the Vienna Convention on International Sales, according to the descriptive and analytical approach comparative, in addition to discussing the seller’s right to reform when the breach in the commitment implementation occur.

The thesis found a number of useful results in this regard, especially in the context of the State of Palestine attempt to join this agreement and WTO agreements.

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