Central Warehouses Office

Head of Office: 
Mr. Mohammad Ibraheem Massad

The Warehouse Office is responsible for storing all materials in a way that suits the nature of the materials safely. Moreover, the office is in charge of developing policies to maintain strategic stocks to cope with any emergency or unforeseen circumstances to prevent any interruption of the university education system.


To have central warehouses managed in a modern scientific way and connected to each other in an integrated storage information web in order to control and supervise the input, operate the materials and keep a high storage level to fulfil the necessary needs of the departments and faculties of the university to achieve the goals and objectives of the Arab American University.


1- To implement the warehouses system that is applicable at the university.
2- To suggest any modifications on the system that are convenient to the circumstances.
3- To provide a strategic stock that is convenient to the consumption.
4- To implement the consumption rationing policy.
5- To follow up the central storage procedures and get rid of the old surplus in the best ways.
6- To put classifications and cods for all the stock materials.
7- To participate in putting systems to connect and manage the stock, with cooperation with offices and deanships of the university through computerized programs.  


1. Connecting the central warehouse with the university systems to ease knowing the materials available at the warehouse.
2. Evaluating the stock policies on an annual basis, following it up and monitoring and maintaining the safe limit at the strategic stock.
3. Improving the warehouse employees’ efficiency by providing them training courses so they will be able to keep up with any developments.
4. Putting policies for the warehouse system to reduce the effort and cost, and to provide all the needed materials whenever requested while at the same time keeping a good quality.

Contact Information: 

E-mail: whataauj.edu
Phone #: 04-2418888 | Ext.: 1375
Fax #: 04-2418888 | Ext.: 1388

Sub Units: 

Fixed Assets’ Monitoring Division

Warehouses Keepers’ Division


Follow-up the measures of central storage, inventory control and get rid of the accumulated obsolete materials and try to benefit from them in the best way.

Set the foundations for the classification, characterization, and the coding of stock elements.

Participate in the development of storage systems and stock management in collaboration with concerned departments and deanships by utilizing software programs.

Set policies to assure the availability of strategic stocks in a way that fits the consumption and maintenance of programs.

Apply the warehouse system followed by the University.

Propose appropriate amendments to the warehouse system and to the organizational instructions to develop them in line with the circumstances.

Apply the rationalizing consumption policy, controls the expenses, and searches for better alternatives.