Language Center

Head of Center: 
Mrs. Adriana Al-Ghoul

      The Language Centre at AAU offers general English programs throughout the year. The coursesoffered are designed to help students develop their English and academic study skills. AAU seeks to provide the best level of English instruction through hiring competent faculty members (both native speakers of English as well as Palestinians majoring in TOEFL) and adopting modern, eclectic pedagogical methods in language teaching. English language Center incorporates four English language laboratories (that can accommodate up to 100 students); two of which use multimedia technology, to bring students’ English language up to the level needed at the university.


The English Language Center aims to help the students become competent and confident communicators in English to complete their academic studies successfully, and after, compete in the domestic and international job market.

Contact Information: 

Phone #. 04-2418888 | Ext.: 1451 
E-mail :


The center conducts a placement test for all incoming students to determine the level of their proficiency

The center offers an entry language program comprising of three different levels: Beginning English, Intermediate English, and Advanced English.

The center offers two language-lab hours per week for each level of English.

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