Arab American University and Indiana University Celebrates the Graduation of the Third Batch of MBA Students

Monday, September 25, 2017

Arab American University celebrated the graduation of its third batch of students in Business Administration joint master program with Indiana University, Pennsylvania. The ceremony took place at the university campus in Ramallah city.

The 3rd batch of MBA Students

Arab American University Chairman of the Board of Trustees Dr. Mohammed Shtayeh, Board members, President of the Board of Directors Dr. Yousef Asfour, Board members, Board of Directors Academic Advisor the founder University President Dr. Waleed Deeb, University President Prof. Dr. Ali Zeidan Abu Zuhri, Minister of Higher Education Dr. Sabri Saidam, former university presidents Dr. Mahmoud Abu Moyes and Dr. Munther Salah, Arab American University President Assistant for Administrative and Financial Affairs Faleh Abu Arra, the businessman and keynote speaker at the graduation ceremony Mr. Talal Nasser Aldeen, Dean of the Eberly School of Business at Indiana University in Pennsylvania Professor Rupert Camp, Business Program Coordinator at Indiana University Dr. Brashan Bahraduj, Minister of Local Government Dr. Hussein Al-Aaraj, Governor of Ramallah and Al-Bireh Province Dr. Laila Ghannam, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education Dr. Basri Saleh, members of the teaching staff and graduates parents, all attended the ceremony.

University President Speech

Arab American University President Prof. Dr. Ali Zeidan Abu Zuhri started the ceremony saying “Today I’m pleased to be among you in the Graduation Ceremony of the 3rd batch of MBA students”. He added “Two years ago, when I took over as university president, I checked the joint MBA program with Indiana University, read many reports on the difficulty of starting it, how hard was it to persuade Indiana University professors to come and teach in Palestine and that Palestine is a safe place. What was rife on the media made it difficult to convince them, especially during the last invasion in Gaza”.

 Proceeded “I was surprised and pleased with the adapt of universities teachers, students and administrators with the plans that were settled in the last moments. I was also pleased with the advantages it adds to Palestinian youth as it's an accredited program and taught in Palestine. The program is attended by 16 lecturers from Indiana University. This internationally recognized program enables students to obtain a degree without leaving their country or jobs”. Emphasizing, the university is determinant to complete the program with success despite all difficulties. He also praised the Ministry of Education and Higher Education role for continuous support and thanked the Directors and Trustees Board and those responsible for the MBA program success, particularly Dr. Waleed Deeb Arab American University Directors Board academic advisor.

Chairman of Directors Board

Chairman of the Board of Directors Dr. Yousif Asfour welcomed the students and said “Today, I stand among you as you celebrate your graduation and MBA, the joint program of the Arab American University and Indiana University, Pennsylvania. You are the first group who studied and received science and knowledge and graduated in this distinguished campus. My happiness on this day is twofold. The first, seeing this wonderful regiment, the third graduating batch from such program. The second is to stand not as the university's board chairman but as a proud graduate father. My daughter, Amani is eagerly waiting among you to receive her certificate”.

Adding, “I did not see you very much, yet I lived your experience through Amani. I knew about your hard times, your achievements and I was happy with your ambitions. I traveled with you without really traveling, to Indiana to attend your graduation ceremony. I was looking at your experience as a father. I had to be the compassionate father who stands by his daughter during her career in this program and take care of the program as well”.

Dr. Asfour proceeded “Then I look at the program as the Chairman of Directors Board and I am proud with this devoted program to educate our students making them exceed their own potentials. I’m thrilled we’re offering such program that prepares you to face the world”.

He expressed his thanks and appreciation to Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr. Sabri Saidam for his contribution to develop higher education institutions and their systems. “This university offers postgraduate programs that do not exist at any other in the country they’re needed by labor market”. He added “By believing in the need to contribute to develop public and private sectors, the university communicates with the country institutions and companies, offer scholarships for their employees to develop their abilities and skills according to their work nature, not only the role of this edifice to provide academic programs, it has established dental center the first of its kind in Palestine to grant degree of specialization in orthodontics, and soon will followed by other specialties”.

“We established a modern Medical Lab and Center for Conflict Resolution, and soon we’ll start building library to serve the university and community with the latest technologies to provide books, periodicals and paper and electronic documents”, Asfour said.

Concluding, “Members of the Directors Board and public authority at home and abroad are pleased to have the opportunity to contribute in developing their country, and to bless you and your parents for your graduation. Remember that by getting your certificates today it’s only the end of your study program, but not the end of the learning stage. Congratulations”.

Minister of Education and Higher Education

Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr. Sabri Saidam said in his speech at the Arab American University on adopting Palestine’s first PhD program in business administration in partnership with Indiana University, Pennsylvania, “The National Commission for Accreditation and Quality in the Ministry of Education agreed to grant the Arab American University the accreditation of this qualitative doctorate degree program, after the university meets all requirements”.

“It’s a happy day, filled with joy. When Palestinian student accomplishes achievement and knowledge, we all feel triumphant. As long as we have a history in this world we won’t be a sad nation. We’re lucky with our continuously evolution educational system”, he expressed his gratitude to the university management, borders and staff.

Explaining, Ministry of Education and Higher Education seeks to achieve quality education that fulfills Palestinian people desires and ambitions. He added, “I’m pleased to here today in this great ceremony, as it’s my duty as Minister of Education to follow the universities and educational institutions developments”.

“It’s a historic day for the Arab American University. From here, I announce that it got the first business administration PhD program in Palestine. Today, with this joy and achievement, we all feel proud that there is much to offer in Palestine. The whole university celebrates its educational development with this new achievement”, Dr. Saidam said.

Keynote Speaker

“It’s an honor to be among you today, congratulation on your graduation. On your behalf and on behalf of your families, I thank the University for this Ceremony” said Talal Nasser Aldeen, the event keynote speaker. “Today is translation for you, moving from learning theories to apply them, you will now look at yourselves and ask, What do I want? Where should I be in 20 years? What route I take? This will determine your way and future”.

“You have to think carefully about making the right decision and preparing for change,” he said, stressing that success is not born with the person, but comes through hard work and persistent attempts. He said, "I stand before you humbly today as an example of success after hard work and diligence. After 7 years of hard work in the field of medicines at Birzeit Pharmaceutical Company, we are now leading the market in this field. We had to accept the challenges and work on them. I personally started from scratch and climbed to the top where I had to put myself in the place of every employee in the ch KE understand their views so I can solve the various problems and this is what makes a successful person in his work”.

Mr. Nasser Aldeen gave graduates several tips, most notably looking to the future, self-confidence, learning from mistakes, seeking knowledge, honesty and determination. “The key to success is to respect people and earn their respect”.

Chairman of the University Trustees Board

Chairman of the Arab American University Trustees Board Dr. Mohammad Shtayeh congratulated the graduates in the name of the board members. He thanked Indiana University representatives for their attendance and continues support. Emphasizing on the program importance “93% of the MBA graduates choose the program for personal reasons, 86% for professional reasons and 4% for financial reasons, but I’m confident they’re looking to enhance the Palestinian people to meet future challenges”. He pointed, Arab American University program is different from the others; the diversity of activity, experience, and students all came from the labor market. We provide them with education that makes them think, not only teaching the facts of things and prepared our graduates to be competitors with others because without it you cannot compete.

He added “Roots are bitter, but fruits are sweet. It’s the philosophy which we rely on in our students’ education. Palestine has bigger history than its geography and our graduates will add more to it”.  Concluding “We’re heading to reconciliation and will have graduates from Gaza Strip in the coming years”. 

Indiana University Speech

In his speech, Dean of Eberley School of Business at Indiana University Professor Robert Camp conveyed the greetings of the professors at Indiana University and praised the Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr. Sabri Saidam announcement for accrediting the business administration PhD program. Announcing, its university ready to provide everything necessary for its success.

He praised the efforts of Professor Waleed Deeb, and thanked the Coordinator of Business Administration Program at Indiana University in Pennsylvania Dr. Brahshan Bahrajaj and the Dean of Graduate Studies at the Arab American University Dr. Abdulrahman Abu Libdeh for their efforts and assistance.


In the graduates’ speech, May Hamad started with the phrase “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it”. She proceeded “Yes! We graduated and today we’ll walk holding our degrees in this ceremony we eagerly awaited. Our journey in the program can’t be forgotten along with all the lessons, relations and friendships we made”.

“One of the benefits to live in Palestine is that we knew who to find hidden beauty in any challenge and surrounding peoples judgments. When I think about my colleges I can see them as leaders, entrepreneurs and financial analysts, I see people creating everything out of nothing”, she added.

“I am sure that I’m lucky to have teachers from Indiana University in Pennsylvania and the Arab American University to teach us this unique program. I have learned a lot from them, and of course we’ll miss the time we spent at this university and the moments we had on our graduation at Indiana University. As MBA program graduates we have a lot to offer to the world”, she said, thanking both Arab American University and Indiana University for the great program.

Academic Advisor Honoring

Chairman of the university board of directors Dr. Yousef Asfour, head of the university trustees board Dr. Mohammad Shtayeh, University President Prof. Dr. Ali Zeidan Abu Zuhri and Minister of Higher Education Dr. Sabri Saidam, honored the Arab American University Board of Directors Academic Advisor Prof. Dr. Waleed Deeb for his efforts in the MBA program and developing the business administration PhD program to get accreditation.


At the end of the ceremony, Dr. Yousef Asfour, Prof. Dr. Ali Zeidan Abu Zuhri, Dr. Rubert Camp, Ramallah and Al-Bireh Governor Laila Ghannam and Arab American University Faculty of Graduate Studies Dean Dr. Abdulrahman Abu Libdeh, handed the certificates to the graduates:

  • Ibrahim Abdulwadood Tamimi
  • Ikhlas Mohammad Hasoneh
  • Israa Mahmoud Al-Habbash
  • Iman Ibrahim Jadallah
  • Ahmad Al-Ahmad
  • Ahmad Mohammad Al-Masri
  • Ahmad Nader Nimr
  • Amani Yousef Asfour
  • Amal Ibrahim Jadallah
  • Thabit Mohammad Amer
  • Jihad Sulaiman Al-Khalil
  • Dawoud Sami Al-Zeer
  • Rami Fouad Daifallah
  • Rana Seham Jawza’
  • Said Jameel Jabir
  • Sufian Mohammad Deryieh
  • Salim Farid Masharqa
  • Shadi Ahmad Zeid Kilani
  • Sufian Hamdan Zaied
  • Subhi Basil Abdulsalam
  • Abdul Fattah Jalal Hijazi
  • Othman Mousa Tawafsheh
  • Omar Ibrahim Al-Shayeeb
  • Anan Ahamd Morrar
  • Losana “Mohammad Mousa” Al-Sharif
  • Lina Ali Hawash
  • Mohammad Bassam Jabir
  • Mohammad Husni Al-Atr
  • Mohammad Ghaleb Njoum
  • Mohammad Yahia Assaf
  • May Hussein Hamad
  • Wisam Shafeeq Awashreh
  • Yazan Inaim


The 3rd batch of MBA Students
The 3rd batch of MBA Students
The 3rd batch of MBA Students
The 3rd batch of MBA Students
The 3rd batch of MBA Students
The 3rd batch of MBA Students
The 3rd batch of MBA Students
The 3rd batch of MBA Students
The 3rd batch of MBA Students
The 3rd batch of MBA Students
The 3rd batch of MBA Students
The 3rd batch of MBA Students
The 3rd batch of MBA Students
The 3rd batch of MBA Students
The 3rd batch of MBA Students
The 3rd batch of MBA Students
The 3rd batch of MBA Students
The 3rd batch of MBA Students
The 3rd batch of MBA Students
The 3rd batch of MBA Students
The 3rd batch of MBA Students
The 3rd batch of MBA Students
The 3rd batch of MBA Students
The 3rd batch of MBA Students