Master Thesis Defense in Conflict Resolution and Development Program at Arab American University

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Abdulrahman Mohammad Nazzal, a Conflict Resolution and Development program student at AAUJ Faculty of Graduate Studies, defended his master thesis titled “Transform the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict through Peaceful Popular Resistance”.

Researcher Abdulrahman Mohammad Nazzal Defense

The researcher pointed that the thesis aimed to study the fundamental role of nonviolent popular resistance in transforming the Palestinian-Israeli conflict through every available peaceful mean and tool. He concluded, non-violent resistance have different definitions as international concept. The thesis indicates that there is a deep gap between peaceful resistance in the field on one hand and decision-makers on the other. Also, there is a gap between those who practice or who have embraced nonviolence as strategic resistance and those who have set political goals and exercised political leadership, and concluded there is no sound strategic understanding of peaceful nonviolent resistance in liberating Palestine from occupation.


By the end, the committee of Thesis supervisor and head of committee Prof. Dr. Ayman Yousef, Arab American University internal examiner Dr. Jamal Hanaishe and external examiner from An-Najah University Dr. Raed Neirat, decided to give Abdulrahman Nazzal a Master Degree.