Physics Master Thesis Defense at Arab American University

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Researcher Eman Nazzal, physics student at the Arab American University Faculty of Graduate Studies, defended her master thesis on “Effect of Indium Nano Layers on the Physical Properties of Gallium Sulfide Flakes”

Eman Nazzal’s thesis defense

Researcher studied the effects of planting an indium layer 20-200 nm between two slices of 500 nm gallium sulfide using the physical method of fumigation under air pressure. She also studied the effect of planting indium chips on structure and atomic distribution of elements, optical properties and isolation features. As well as impedance spectrum and heat-based electrical properties.

The study showed that with indium in the gallium sulfide leads it to 10 - 30 nm granules randomly distributed, granules of 100 nanometers size belongs to indium slices. The researcher said that studying optical spectrum showed possibility of engineering energy gaps in the material to be able to transfer from blue spectrum to red by increasing the indium thickness, indicating that analyzing isolation spectrum in the material showed that electrons relaxation time can be changed at femtoseconds level and also can control resonant plasma frequencies on the surface of gallium sulfide with indium.

She pointed, resistance spectrum studies in 10 - 1800 MHz range showed that these chips are suitable to use as filters for the microwave types to act as a rejection for some spectra. She concluded, these flakes can be promising for use in manufacturing electrochemistry and microwave applications as an active ingredient in telecommunications technology.

At the end of the defense, the committee composed of Supervisor and Chairman of the committee Prof. Dr. Atef Qasrawi, Arab American University Internal Examiner Dr. Zaki Saleh and External Examiner from An-Najah University Dr. Eyad Saad Aldeen decided to award the student Eman Nazzal with a master degree.