External Research Projects

Project External Sponsor Date Field
Reducing soil degradation by improving soil conservation using fallout redionuclides The international atomic energy agency 2015 Chemistry
The food and agriculture organization of the united nations(FAO) FAO 2014 Chemistry
(Gase0.5 s 0.5 /MgO) تصميم وتشخيص مجسات الكهروضوئية لاداء وظائف استشعار ثنائية في تطبيقات دوائر الرنين الحساسة لترددات الميكروويف صندق دعم الجامعات الفلسطيني 2014 Physics
In vitro evaluation of anti-inflammatory effects of Hypericum triquetrifolium صندوق دعم الجامعات الفلسطينية 2014 Biology and Biotechnology
In vitro evaluation of anti-apoptotic effects of medicinal planets as a promising strategy in cancer therapy صندق دعم الجامعات الفلسطينية 2014 Biology and Biotechnology
Assessment of Toxicity in Toxic Plants in Jenin Ranges-Palestine The Union of Arab Universities 2006 Biology and Biotechnology
Improvement of Transgene Expression Using Insulators French Government 2003 Biology and Biotechnology
Expression of Transgenes Coding for the Double Stranded RNA in Order to Inhibit the Replication of the Rabbit Hemorrhagic Septicemia Virus (RHSV) French Government 2002 Biology and Biotechnology