University and Palestinian Land Authority Discuss Cooperation in Training Students and Digitizing Maps

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Arab American University and Palestinian Land Authority discussed cooperation in training university students to archive newspapers, digitizing lands maps and benefit from the university and its staff expertise in geographic information systems and programs to develop the Authority work.

Meeting the Land Authority delegation

The Palestinian Land Authority visiting delegation included General Director for information systems Mr. Nihad Awad, Projects department manager Mr. Rami Thaher, Data and Electronic archiving Director Mr. Abdullah Omar and Director of Land Registration department in Jenin Mr. Sameer Al-Souqi. The delegation were greeted by Vice President for Training Affairs Dr. Nizam Diab, Dean of Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology Dr. Mohammad Hamarsheh, faculty lecturers Dr. Muath Sabha and Mr. Sami Awad and the Director of Hassib Sabbagh Information Technology Center of Excellence Mr. Alaa Hattab.

During the meeting, several issues were discussed including mechanism of training university students in the Directorate of land authority in Jenin, their contribution to imaging and archiving newspapers containing content related of land registration, sale and transfer and consider this training within community service hours included in university academic plan.

Also agreed to cooperate in digitization land maps to facilitate accessing it and preserve it from damage, trains university students in the Palestinian land authority various departments, signing a memorandum of cooperation between the university and the land authority to benefit from the university staff experiences in using geographic information systems and its various programs in the Palestinian land authority work.