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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Researcher Esraa Abdullah Noor, a MA in Computer Science student at the Arab American University, defended her master thesis titled "Reconstructing and Drafting Research Topics in Retrieving Medical Information"

In her thesis, she pointed to the main factors that search engines in the medical field rely on to return high-quality results to suit the users needs; their need to get vocabulary that best describes their information needs and that results quality dependes on the research techniques effectiveness and sources of medical terminology used by these engines. The researcher suggested several systems and methodologies to address the related problems to each of these factors independently.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018
Part of the researcher Waleed Deeb Fadl a student of the conflict resolution program thesis defense

Researcher Waleed Deeb Fadl, a student of conflict resolution and development at the Faculty of Graduate Studies at the Arab American University in Ramallah, defended his thesis "Application of Human Security in the Palestinian Refugee Community/ Jenin Refugee Camp and Balata As Case Study".

In his thesis, the researcher pointed to how much the human security concept is applied in the camps that are considered within the Palestinian society. He also highlighted the condition of Palestinian refugees inside the camps and attempts to find solutions to their security problems.

Saturday, July 7, 2018
Part of the student Wala Ghaleb Abu Seif thesis defense

The student Wala Ghaleb Abu Seif, a student of Strategic Planning and Fundraising at the Arab American University faculty of graduate studies in Ramallah campus, discussed her thesis on “Strategic Goals to Reduce Unemployment in Palestine”.

In her thesis, the researcher discussed the unemployment impact on the Palestinian society. Focusing on important ways to reduce unemployment through fixing the educational system, agricultural sector, positive investment, and use external sources.

At the end, the committee of the thesis supervisor and head of the committee Prof. Dr. Ahmed Sadaqa, internal examiner from the Arab American University Dr. Majid Mansour, and the external examiner and director of the Agricultural Water Department Dr. Farah Sawafta decided to grant the student Wala Abu Seif a master thesis.


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